What is the world coming to…

When even the Amish have crime?  This probably shouldn’t have, but it made me giggle.  Probably just confirms I’m going to hell.  Either way, the following is a tragic story of an Amish man involved in a grossly disfiguring beard cutting attack.  Apparently they are becoming more frequent.   Mean people from Ohio!


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  1. The perpetrators were a break-away group of Amish led by a man who wanted to “punish” those in the Amish community who were criticizing his group. He, his son and another man were arrested for forcibly cutting the beards of some men and the hair of some women after breaking into their homes. Their group lives about 15 minutes from where I grew up. Crazy! I used to have (normal) Amish neighbors with teenage sons who would race the buggies up and down our road and swear at our dogs, which would go nuts barking at them each time. One of them even stole a couple golf carts from the course out the road, which were later recovered. Those darn kids. Hehehe.

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