The First Strain on the Relationship

It was bound to happen.  I should have expected it.  It’s just that….I didn’t expect it to hurt this much.  I realize that you have to work to make a relationship happen.  Can’t always be sunshine and rainbows.  But this relationship feels so new, at least wait for our first anniversary to shit on me as is custom.  Here is the story of what happened, dear readers, and tell me if I over-reacted.
It had been a long day.  The norm I suppose, just shifted slightly.  I worked in the evening for some sweet sweet overtime.  I brought my new love with me, making sure to dote and give attention.  All seemed great, we even finished together our first time.  Truly magical.  I finish at work and go home.  Watch some new episodes of Beavis and Butthead for enlightenment.  I then decide it is time to do some more work.  Study this time, working on learning more visual basic.  I spend the time, figuring that we can spend the time with me on my laptop doing the coding.  Apparently that was the wrong thing to do.  I drifted off to sleep, on the couch, and even slept there all night.  I woke up to my wife talking to me, asking about why I hadn’t gone to bed, and the mess and everything.  I was worried, immediately feeling groggily guilty and trying to remember what I needed to be sorry for, and then I saw it, my Kindle had betrayed me.  It went into sleep mode and dared to put up an advertisement for Breaking Dawn.  I couldn’t believe it.  Surely it must know my feelings on those books, especially since I haven’t put any other sixth grade reading level books in it.  But apparently I was wrong.  We had a long talk.  There were tears.  I think that it is all worked out though.  I hope so.  Otherwise I might have to teach it a thing or two.  Read physical copies of books in its presence, go caress some buttons on a Nook, make fun of its touchy cousin, or maybe the big one.  We will see. 
So what say you readers?  Any relationship problems that were hard to get past?


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  1. And you didn’t throw holy water on it?

    I dodged a bullet and didn’t have to see the new Twilight movie.

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