Skyward Sword and Other Stories

So as much as I am looking forward to buying Skyrim(waiting until the 17th)  I am just as excited for Skyward Sword.  Apparently it is a Sky*.* month.  There is still some nice weather currently, maybe that is why.  Either way, here is a trailer for Skyward Sword.  I love the Zelda series and have played almost every one of the games.  Ocarina of Time is one of the all-time best games ever in my opinion.  That is part of why I am so excited for this new game.  I have yet to see a negative about it, it is even being touted as one of the best games for the last 10 years.  I would love for that to be proven right, well to an extent.  If that is true then the other games I have bought may not get play.  Hm.. It is a toughy.  One of the cool things in the game is that your Wii-Mote is essentially your sword.  However you hold the controller, the sword is moved in that direction.  There will be enemies that have shields that you have to actually move a certain way to defeat them.  That is exciting to me.  I hope that it is as fulfilling as it seems it should be.  Not many games have taken that in-depth control of the Wii-Mote.  At least none that I have played.  If I am wrong, may the gamer gods strike me down.

Here is hint at my geekiness….

That is fresh after I got it.  Been 3 years now.  So the hair grew back in case you were worried.

Now then.  I have an idea that came to me whilst working earlier.  I suppose it was the thought of parenting, and if I am going to add a second chitlin at any point.  I have just over 4 years to do so until my personal cut-off age.  So I was pondering about the wee widdle bon bon that would be in the oven and that got me to thinking about all that you are supposed to do to help it along: eating right, not straining yourself, vitamins, and playing classical music on your stomach for he/she/it to listen to.  If playing classical music at that stage actually helps….Why not take it further?  I say we make a pair of underwear for men.  Boxer Briefs would probably be good.  They allow for some room but still some support.  Now with that extra room, what we are going to do is install speakers and/or an mp3 player with classical music built in.  When you are getting ready to conceive, you wear these underwear.  Let’s call them BallRocks or Classiball Briefs, or The Scrotal Serenader, or maybe just Fancy Fruits.    With that system your sperm are all preconditioned, smarter, and more will make it to the goal(the egg in case you were wondering or this is your first time).  Not only that, but you get a pleasant tingling in your business all day.  I say it’s a win win win.

A fun experiment with that, a little nature vs nurture or just silliness.  Provide different mp3 players at random to different guys when they are trying to conceive.  Allow for some rap, some classical, some rock, metal, oriental, folk, country, or whatever suits your fancy for the experiment.  Now see who is most successful at conceiving.  Also see if some guys would be willing to donate to a petri dish and watch the spermies under a microscope.  See if any are dancing crazily or attempting to interbreed.  Find some ladies willing to partake and see if they end up tasting different.  Maybe the oriental seems good but leaves you craving more 30 min later?

Maybe that is just a bit much and the fun would have lasted longer without the stereotypes.  I disagree.  Take it and laugh.  And now for a story.  The story will probably not surprise you much considering my underwear ideas.  For the sake of redundancy I feel I should tell you that I can be a bit of a smartass.  Quite frequently as a matter of fact.  This is a fact that my son has picked up on.  He has also started imitating me.  I’ve begun to realize that I will soon be out-matched.  Children are sponges.  They learn language amazingly starting at age 2.  This is why it is ideal to introduce them to a second language at that time.  Alas, I fear that the second language he has picked up is sarcasm.  And so it was that I was picking the wife up from work yesterday.  We had some shopping to do so we were walking around.  Just getting the norm, some milk, other food, and cleaning supplies.  Our son though, being 4 decided that he wanted to walk off.  We got on to him and told him to get back over to us.  He did what kids do and ignored us.  So the wife told him a little bit more adamantly.  He calmly turns around and looks at her and says ‘Yes’m massa’.  I turned purple with laughter.  This was probably not the right response.  The wife informed me that she really dislikes me sometimes.  I laughed more.  And thus my smartassery comes around to bite me in my ass, which doesn’t seem to be all that smart anymore.


Good Night.

  1. I keep going back and forth on what my next tattoo will be. If it should be geeky or writing related.

    Even briefly contemplated getting, “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

  2. Still trying to find the perfect design for my first tattoo. It must be appropriately geeky, of course. No butterflies or tribal stuff for me! Maybe a quote… 😀

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