Why I Love Rothfuss

First off, being a SciFi/Fantasy geek I must say RIP Anne McCaffrey.  While I’ve not read many of her books, she had quite the following and was an institution of the genre.  I don’t think anybody should be overly surprised though considering she was 85 years old.  Early details say that she had a massive stroke.  I believe she will be missed by many.

On to something mostly lighter.  If you notice, in my links is Patrick Rothfuss’s blog.  Yesterday he put up a Machine Gun Q&A, which is where he allows his fans to ask as many questions as they want in a given time frame and he goes through and answers those that… well.. he feels like.  He are some of the fun responses though.  I must also say since we are on the subject, IF YOU HAVEN’T READ HIS BOOKS… DO IT NOW!  This first one that really caught my attention was because I just bought two new book shelves and those sadly enough were not enough to hold my overflow.  In the process of filling them though, my wife was putting them in by author.  I told her she should separate them out, do hardcovers with eachother and soft bound together.  That way the heights are more aesthetically pleasing.  And now I know…..

  • rain
  • Do you sort different sized books on a shelf by height or by width?
  • Pat
  • Anyone who sorts their books by height is quite probably insane.

And then…

  • tayvang
  • If you could have any fantasy character as your best friend who would it be?
  • Pat
  • Tom Bombadil. Dude knows how to party.

Everybody else hates on poor ol’ Tom!

If you haven’t read his book… This is a question about the main character….

  • tankred
  • If you could, what would you say to Kote?

  • Pat
  • “Fuck. Dude. I’m Sorry.”

I am patiently awaiting book three… but from where the other two went, this is fairly accurate.

Some more silly..

  • kurpav
  • You sit down next to me at the bar and ask me a question to start a meaningful conversation, what is that question?

  • Pat
  • You sit down next to me at the bar and ask me a question to start a meaningful conversation, what is that question?

A similar response most any sane person would have if it involved something they enjoyed watching….

  • Darb07
  • Do you think Keanu Reeves will be able to pull off Spike Spegiel in the Live Action Cowboy Bebop Movie they have been slowly working on?
  • Pat
  • Fuck. I didn’t know about that until right now. So I go directly from ignorance to disappointment. Keanu? Fuck.

There are lots of these great responses.  There was one that I saw that touched on a particular spot for me though.  Here is his quote….Which is in answer to another writer’s question about fear…

You come to grips with the fact that writing something that sucks is better than writing nothing at all.

If you write something and it sucks, then good for you. Not all explorers discovered lost golden cities and trade routes to the mysterious East. Some of them died in a ditch. A lot of them did, actually. But still, they get full props for being brave.

But if you sit there paralyzed with fear, afraid to get out of your chair, then you’re no kind of explorer at all. You’re just a sad bastard. You have no chance of being cool.

The same is true with writing.

I simply felt that was a great way of putting it.

That is really all that I have at this very moment.  I felt I would do a plug for one of my favorite authors.  I look forward to him going on tour again. I suppose in summation, I love him as a writer/author/human because of the way he puts words together, the way he builds stories, and the way that he makes time for his fans and treats them good.  I can speak from personal experience there.  When he was last in town his signing went a little later than he meant for it to.  It was actually his talking and stories that went on longer, but it was well worth it.  However after the stories, certain groups went up a little at a time to get his signature.  He noted what time it was and allowed anybody who had brought their child with them to go to the front of the line regardless of previous position and be able to take your child home to bed.  I thought that was really awesome of him to do.


Night All


  1. Pat Rothfuss is my hero!

    and that answer about Kote? all I can say is Yup, sigh.

  2. QFT – Quoting for truth about the writing is like an explorer thing.

    He is a narwhal swimming in an ocean of awesome.

  3. Love Rothfuss. So f-ing cool.

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