Some Humor and Truth

Let us get the nasty bit of truth out of the way first.  Then we can have some fun.  I suppose it is all humorous and truthful, well most of it, but part of the humorous truth makes me an arse.  So here is that one…

This was my work week.  I ‘worked’ Monday and Tuesday.  Have since been enjoying the 5-day weekend.  Yay Me!

And now just random funny things.  The next one is another funny true.  I can relate to it because I get that way when I have an electronic problem.

And now a funny in a sad close-minded kind of funny.  The sad kind.  Well… I suppose anywhere from sadness to seething rage depending on where you see the issue.  It is a lovely snippet from the enlightened Pat Robertson.  Do enjoy!


I guess I do have one other thing.  Let’s talk driving habits.  What do you do when you are all alone in your car?  I bet your actions are vastly different from when you have company.  I know mine are.  I often times worry that I have gone off the deep end when I reflect back on the car trip alone that I just made.  I think I spend too much time in the car alone.  It is probably around 2 hours a day.  Maybe an hour and a half.  Either way I believe it is too much time for me to be alone with my thoughts.  You don’t know it, but that last line just caused a 10 minute interlude.  I was attempting to find a Glen Duncan quote, but failed in doing so.  Was a quote about the dangers of leaving a certain man alone with his thoughts.  He compared it to…..something.  Not good either.  Damn I’m eloquent.  So, thoughts, driving.  I get to thinking in the car.  I always end up doing silly things while thinking.  I re-enact scenes from earlier in the day/week/month/year or simply things that I would like to do.  I play with accents.  I get angry at other drivers and get vocal about it.  I don’t yell overly loud.  I just say mean things in silly ways.  Simple things like “Aw laddie why ye be fucking up the top o’ me morning?!”  Sometimes rasta, British, or sometimes I have no idea what I am trying to do.  I just do it and wait to see how it turns out.  I had a great moment driving the other night though.  It was on the way to Thanksgiving dinner,  traffic was spaced out just enough that nobody was going to do any speeding or passing easily.  At least not until some people turned off the road.  This does not ever keep a select few from trying to weave in and out anyway or to ride the ass of others and flash their brights.  There was a lady waaay up my ass, it didn’t do much more than to make me smile because I couldn’t get over even if I wanted, why worry about what you can’t change?  Can speed up to the speed I want if I just wait a couple minutes and wait for the crowd to thin out.  Well that lady and a jackass behind her didn’t get that memo and both were being ridiculous with bouncing back and forth and not getting anywhere due to spacing of said traffic.  Finally a space opened up and I was able to get over to let the other people go on.  Unfortunately I was feeling particularly vindictive at the SUV-driving dick.  I acted like I was going to pass the slower person in front of me on the right, which would have allowed him to do the same.  He got excited and had the tip of his bumper up my tailpipe in no time.  I sped up until my rear bumper was even with the left-lane person’s front bumper.  Then I slowed down.  He got pissed and swerved back to the left lane.  That lady slowed down and allowed me to start to pass again.  He jumped on the chance and tried to swerve yet again.  I slowed down again.  He is furious and slamming on his steering wheel.  I am giggling like a school girl.  The other lady got tired of the game and finally sped up, let him pass, and then road his ass for good measure with her brights on.

Hmm my story changed tense there towards the end.  Maybe it didn’t really keep one at all.  Oh well.  The point was made.  Ah. Wrong point though.  Back to the first point. I do crazy shit in the car alone.  I wonder if you do the same or if I should legitimately be worried about my marbles and how round they are or aren’t or if I have them all.  Also make up songs a lot.  Well.. Digest that and we shall talk again soon.  I will let some more of my crazy out maybe.  Have to be careful in relationships like this.  If you let all your crazy out too fast, you scare people off.





  1. Did you read what Duncan was saying about science fiction and fantasy?

    Also Pat Robertson was best known for his historical appearance during the Salem witch trials. The witches eventually got the pentagram right.

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