I sit on the couch.  Playing video games as is norm.  All of the sudden Maynard James Keenan busts in and starts filming a music video.  I look over in disdain and think to myself “Meh, whatever” and go back to playing my games.  After a little bit of that I decide I really need a shower, video games being a rigorous job, and head to the bathroom.  I shower and notice that my hair has grown to be shoulder length, sweet.  My wife comes in and starts some dirty talk and tells me to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle for her and do a sexy dance.  So I do, and rub my junk all up and down the glass, wondering if it looks as funny as boobs pressed against glass and then finish my shower.  I finish my shower and get out only to realize that the person filming Maynard’s music video is in my bathroom and had filmed the whole dance I did.  I blush hugely and then demand to watch the video.  We watch it and I am fairly pleased with how it turned out, glad to see that the camera does indeed add weight to my junk.  Apparently my being naked on camera is all that it takes to set off the Zombie Apocalypse because it has now commenced.  We all run away from the zombies hoping that something will save us.  And then…. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show up!  They start kicking the zombies’ collective arse and send us away in a space ship to the space station so that we may survive.  A huge cry of joy goes up for the Power Rangers! They saved us!  Then we get onto the space station and start walking around only to find… Zombie Power Rangers.  We are good and truly fucked now.  Everybody tries to figure out how to escape.

And then I woke up.

That was my dream last night.  It had me awake in a slight stupor and a lot of WTF.  Great times all around.

Sooo yeah.  How are things going?  Pretty decent here.  Been quite the busy week.  Busy day today even.  I changed my own spark plugs.  Huzzah for me!  Sure it may not be the most difficult thing to do.. but it was my first time and I didn’t ruin anything.  I think that is a win.  I have also made an adapter for my Skylanders game that my son got for his birthday for the PS3.  I realize it is cross platform, but that is what we got it on.  I think that game is pretty fun.  I would compare it to a mixture of Diablo and Pokemon.  The only problem that I have with it is the Portal of Power that came with it. What is that?! You may ask.  Well here is a picture…..

That is what it is.  It is a wireless device that allows you to put Skylanders action figures on it, and they are ported directly into the game.  Pretty neat idea in my opinion.  It allows to have a whole party to fight alongside you, but not be on screen.  You need a fire person?  Pull the current one off the portal and put the fire one on.  Need a tech, undead, life, water, magic, earth, or air?  Do the same.  The game can be beaten with just the three that come in the pack, but to unlock everything you need at least one of each element.  The more of them you buy the more perks you get in the game though.  So what is my gripe with that portal?  It runs on batteries for the Ps3, Wii, and DS versions.  The only one that got to use a cable for power was the XBox 360.  I don’t know why they lucked out… But it is horseshit.  So I took matters into my own hands.  I built my own power cable for my portal.  Here is how it turned out….








Not too terrible, right?  That way you get a bit of techy-look with the magicky-look.  I have to confess that I wasn’t smart with the blue LED though,  I should have hooked both of them that I had instead of just the one because the one burnt out about a minute after I had it powered up.  A failure on my part, so it doesn’t light up super cool right now… but I may fix that in the future.  It still works as it should though.  I gave it a USB-Mini port as well, so it can be hooked up directly to the Ps3 to use.  I just use my phone charger though to hook up the other end of the cable.  It works great.  I need to do something about the wires between though.  May get some heatshrink and bundle them together.  That will be another day though,  I will call what I got done now a success because I don’t have to buy batteries.

I did do a bit of writing though… I like it too.  Guess we will see if I finish it up.



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  1. A homemade power cord? Wow, you really ARE serious about your games! And, you have some pretty jacked up dreams. 😛 I usually don’t remember much about mine other than a very general theme. Usually, someone is chasing me and trying to kill me. Meh.

  2. Wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah.

    I am half tempted to just start reading books about understanding dreams. You certainly have some interesting ones. There is probably a lesson in there somewhere.

  1. December 4th, 2011

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