A game coming out in just a little over a week.  It looks pretty sweet methinks.  I like that they aren’t trying to fool you with saying it is an all new type of game.  The creators are very direct in saying that there are elements from all sorts of games that are brought together to make this one.  Rich story, Rich quests, Rich fighting.  One of the reviewers decided that he did not want to do quests, that he only wanted to hack and slash his way through different areas.  He was able to play for 2 weeks straight and still not run out of stuff.  That is pretty massive.  What else is cool is that this entire game sets up the world so that when the MMO for the game comes out in the near future, you have learned  a lot already.  There will be DLC too(which I know many people hate) but it isn’t just to do a quest here or there, the DLC will actually bridge the two games.  Either way, check it out!

  1. There has been a lot of buzz about this in the MMO circles of SWTOR and WOW I run around in. I don’t know how I feel about getting into another MMO, but SWTOR happened so we’ll see.

    Look into The Secret World or The Family Guy mmo coming out.

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