Another Second-Minute-Hour-Day-Sheisse

***Note** I have started and stopped this blog many times over the course of the last 2 weeks.  Soo if it seems jumbled or I repeat something already said… well my bad… So enjoy some of past me..

Yeah.  A week again already.  Where the hell is time going?  Seriously?!  I have  a few things that I’ve wanted to share for a  few days.  Alas those days have slipped away.  Like the sands in the hourglass; these are the days of your lives.. Nuh nuh nuuuuuuh. So something that has been sucking a bit of my time is an MMO for Android/Iphone.  It is called Order and Chaos and is pretty addicting.  It is essentially WoW lite.   I have watched friends lose any semblance of the sun ever touching their skin after being introduced to WoW.  This isn’t that bad.  Maybe because I’m older and haaaaaaave to(whiny voice) leave and work.  Or whatever other reason.  There are plenty of people in my guild that seem to be on no matter what time of the day it is though.  Maybe  I just don’t have that addictive of a personality if it doesn’t have boobs in it.  Maybe we will never know.  But it is fun.  Here are some screen shots that I stole off of mainly because I was too lazy to take my own.

Now a few random thoughts.  These have built up over a week or so as well.  Not all are current, but it shouldn’t matter to you.  It just might mean I don’t remember everything I had to say about them.  Wouldn’t be the first time ever.

Some thoughts on clothes.  I was shopping the other day and there were some robes on sale.  Down to something like 8 bucks when they had been 30 or 40.  So I thought Hey, this one even matches my sleep pants.  Why not?  Then another trail of thought entered my head, well a few actually.  My son is 4 now and he notices things like nudity now.  I used to love sleeping naked, but when a child joins you in bed it just sort of loses a bit of the appeal.  Especially whenever he uses your scrotum to pull himself up onto the bed.  It only takes one time of that happening for pants to sound fantastic.  The Why Not slowly started to form in my eyes.  I run warm.  I prefer to have as little clothes on as possible when wandering around the house due to this.  The problem that formed was that if I wear the robe, most likely I won’t want to wear pants with it.  I don’t know that I want to be that dad with balls hanging out all over.  So I decided against the robe.

Another clothing thing, related to the first one, is that I am tired of buying clothes based on how well I think they will hide a sweat stain.  It makes me sick.  I know it isn’t all that pleasing to hear either, but well, I get to say what I want. So… nyah!  I’ve tried pretty well everything other than the surgery for sweaty peoples.  Have used probably 35 different antiperspirants including the prescription strength.  Uuuuugh.  That’s all really.

Thoughts thoughts thoughts.  How paranoid are you?  Do you worry alot about bad things happening to you?  Lock the door no matter what?  Lock the car?  Watch your back all the time?  My wife and I balance each other out in that regard.  I am pretty laid back and have this horrible optimism of people that won’t die out.  There is a big chunk of me that wants to believe that people will generally try to do the right thing, even though time and again it’s been torn to bits.  My wife on the other hand is not so naive.  I think it comes from her dad probably, but they always assume the worst in people and can have trouble making friends due to that.  I didn’t realize how engrained in her it was to be that way though until we moved the other day.  We were literally moving across the street and just carrying armfuls of stuff over and every single time that we went from one apartment to the other even if coming right back, CLUNK went the deadbolt.  I laughed and made fun of her, because that is what I do.  Fun things you realize about people even though you have been together for 8-9 years.  Like I didn’t know until a week ago that she likes sweet potatoes.

Now this last bit is a dream I had the other day.  It.. was disturbing.  I know I speak of dreams often, but this one actually had me wake up gagging.  I’m torn on even speaking of it.  It isn’t exactly family friendly.  Hm.  I will leave it up to you.  If somebody wants to hear it I shall speak of it, if not then only shall I be haunted by it.  That is really all for this one.  Good Morrow.

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