Comics and Pictures

Welcome to my picture post and introduction to a fun comic, at least I think so.  The majority of them are definitely NSFW, but provided swearing and nudity don’t offend you they should be great trading at home.  It is a fantasy comic at  They make fin of many fantasy stories from Robin Hood to King Arthur to The Labyrinth.   So if you have a sense of humor hop on over there.  Enjoy some of the safer ones now.




And I could really use this muse…..


Oh.  While I’m on comics and stuff.  I strongly disagree with Michael Bay’s take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  How dare he rape my childhood and turn them into aliens because he feels that is more scientifically sound.   You, sir, are an embarrassment.  You arr good at making your turds look pretty,but they are still turds. So in petition…. Have another pic.


Rage.  Well have a nice one.


  1. Batman also hates chocolate ice cream.

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