I swear I didn’t have half as many before I had a child.  Now they pop up rather frequently.  My latest one is the fact that my son has to be put under anesthesia.  Isn’t even five yet.  I’m a tad nervous.  It’s nothing hardcore, but probably had been preventable.  It has only been one year since his last dental checkup.  In that year he has apparently developed 8 cavities in his teeth.  We brush his teeth regularly (yes that means twice a day regular, not once a week) but undid that by allowing him to take chocolate milk or regular milk to bed with him.  Things not water.  So shame on ilia, but I thought it was being taken care of with extra thorough brushing.  It hadn’t.   Soo let this be a lesson to you.  Don’t give child stuff other than water to drink at bedtime.  So here’s waiting for the appointment and hoping all goes well.  I suppose had I been under more than once and my wife been under at all we may not be as nervous, but we’ve both always been pretty healthy.  Send me good vibes.  Toodles for now

I mean when you are out anything can happen…..


  1. Good vibes going your way.

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