One of these things….

Is just like the other.  Only difference is a bigger screen for it to debut on.  Unless you are really loaded I suppose. I have watched the whole first season of Wilfred(on FX not Aussie version) and was entertained for most all of it.  I look forward to the next season.  It’s just weird that it starts and Seth Macfarlane’s Ted movie comes out the same month.  Nothing against Seth Macfarlane, he is funny and can do some voices, but I feel like I’ve already seen most of his jokes.  It’s hard for me to get excited for this movie even though it appears to have a few good smirk moments.  Then again there is only one season of Wilfred for me to have watched and gotten tired of and more along the lines of… 8 seasons of Family Guy( I don’t know if that is right and am too lazy to look right now so nyah) or even American Dad or Cleveland Show.  They are all mostly the same.  It’s kind of like Tool, A Perfect Circle, or Puscifer.  The music is a bit different, but ultimately you are listening to get at Maynard’s voice and lyrics.  Either way enjoy. … Do you look forward to either?





and a bonus Australian clip of Wilfred.  I really need to watch the original version more…..

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