What to say?  I am a mid-twenties geek who loves comics, video games, writing, acting, reading, technology and just about anything else that tickles my fancy.  I have a firm belief that nobody should limit themselves to but one aspect of life.  Just because what you currently do allows you to live, eat, and maybe even procreate doesn’t mean that it is what will fill that deep ache in the sub-cockels of your heart.  We all have things deep down that we would like to try.  I’m shooting for some of mine, will you?

That aside, don’t expect me to keep any sort of semblance of ‘normality’ whilst writing entries.  Most will be off base, off topic, and maybe even offensive to some.  Have to feed the critics something, or else their self-loathing will consume them.  I think that is about all that I will put in the ‘About Me’ section that is expected.  Like a well told story, I will give you just enough to start things off. I will leave it up to the later posts to develop more, more about the character’s goals, dreams, aspirations, whether or not they are a douche, and what is fun to me that day.  So please feel free to read, rant and all-in-all have a faaaantastic day.

Unless you give me a weak review. Then its on.

But surely…. I jest.


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