Books & Stuff That I Enjoy


  • The Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett.  These are fantastic books for any age.  They are filled with humor, interesting characters and a unique view on many circumstances.  I find it great that they not only entertain, but they make you think and often times present real-life dilemmas but with a twist so as to show the absurdity of it.  Like all things though, different ages will get different lessons from the books.
  • Brandon Sanderson – I’m not sure that I would want to single out any of his books.  I still have a few to read, but everything that I have read so far is amazing.  One of the great things about Mr. Sanderson is that he can take ideas that have been used many times over and put a new spin on them to make a completely fresh and compelling story.  The book of his that I most recently finished is Warbreaker, and it was a great book that I felt examined not only religion, but also stereotypes.  One of the main characters is a god that doesn’t believe in himself, which is thoroughly enjoyable.
  • The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is a fantastic tale.  I was lucky enough to go to a signing and meet Mr. Rothfuss.  His writing really just envelops you.  I would have to say that he has better dialogue than most any author I have read.  That first book of his was recently followed up by a sequel called The Wise Man’s Fear, and it lived up to the hype that the first one created and then some.
  • Neil Gaiman.  What more could I say about the man that hasn’t already been said.  He is awesome. Done.

I could go on for many pages of authors, but some others that I really enjoy as well are Brent Weeks, Scott Lynch, Jim Butcher, Douglas Adams, Michael A. Stackpole, Jeff Lindsay, Christopher Moore, Katherine Kurtz, Chelsea Cain and oh so many others.  Please don’t think that these authors are lesser, if anything think that I am for not giving all their proper due.


I don’t pretend that there is any rhyme or reason to my musical tastes.  I enjoy anything from instrumentals, rock, some metal, some rap, a couple country songs, hell even beat poems. Some bands/artists that I frequent are: Tool, NIN, Puscifer, The Dresden Dolls, The Red Paintings, Regina Spektor, A Perfect Circle, Eminem, The Alter Boys, Beastie Boys, The Black Keys, Damien Rice, Cee Lo Green, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs,  Flogging Molly, Tim Minchin, OTEP, Frank Turner,  Rollins Band, Primus, Static-X and Sublime.  As I said, lots of different listens there.  Different moods require it though, especially if you are trying to get a certain feeling whilst writing.  Sometimes music is the best catalyst for putting you in that mindset.

  1. You have very good taste in books and music, Mr. Rays. 🙂

    • Why thank you! I do what I can to stay amazing haha. I joke. If anything I suppose I would have to say I do what I can to stay geeky. Tis what I am and proud of it. What is annoying, is when you are a self-proclaimed geek and somebody tries to argue with you. I have a co-worker who I was talking to and told them I’m a geek. They tried telling me, oh no you aren’t you are better than that. I harumphed at them and went on my merry way.

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