The Hero

“Good Evening and welcome to Channel 13 news. Tonight we have an interview with a man that many around the area have come to love and admire. His name is Donald Drake and he has become our own little hero in this town. He has done many great selfless acts to help other people. Some of the things that he has done will be discussed as well as his future and what he hopes to accomplish, now on to our correspondent sitting with Mr. Drake, Lindsay Luna” announces the broadcaster.

“Hello all, I’m Lindsay Luna and I am sitting here with Donald Drake, a highly interesting man that I look forward to finding more about” she says and continues “Now Mr. Drake, you have done many feats of heroism for local residents, so lets start off with a few of those. What was the first time that you can remember risking your life for a stranger?”

“Well Lindsay, um, I guess you could say that the first time that I saved somebody else was when my brother overdosed. He was laying on the floor twitching so I grabbed him and rushed him to the hospital. It wasn’t really anything. Just what any brother would do for another” he finishes.

“Of course you could say that about brothers, but that is not where it ends, sir. You have saved at least eight other people by my records, and I don’t believe you were related to a single one of them. So if you don’t mind, I will do a quick overview of the people you have saved, and then you can comment as you see fit or change the story to make it closer to what you feel actually happened. I know that they say all stories have at least two sides, but no matter the side I would have to say that these are definitely all stories of heroism and bravery at its finest. What makes it even more remarkable is that it took multiple times of you doing this before anybody was able to catch up with you and take a picture of who was saving these people.”

“You may tell the stories, Lindsay, I don’t mind. Please continue” says Donald.

“Why thank you Mr. Drake, you are just such a soft spoken person that I want to make sure that in your humbleness that you don’t leave anything out. Now by our records the first stranger that you saved was a Mrs. Huffman, an 80 year old woman attempting to cross the street. She was having issues making it across and at that very moment a semi-truck whose breaks had stopped functioning correctly came barreling down the road. You were able to grab her and pull her to the side of the road, and then you somehow managed to catch the driver as he leapt from the truck. That was some day, two birds with one stone one may say. Lets see, after that you climbed down into a cave that had recently collapsed due to an earthquake all just to save a little boy’s cat. That is incredible, nice on the eyes and a pet lover!”

“Thanks, ma’am. Do you have any more?” Donald asks.

Linsday starts up again, “Of course I do, sug. We tried to be very thorough to put you in the best light, I’m sure you appreciate it. So moving on, you then climbed up our town water tower to save a twelve-year-old boy who had climbed up there on a dare, and then a lightning storm had sprung up. That had to take immense courage to do that. After that you ran into a burning building and saved a pregnant woman before the firefighters could arrive, how lucky she must have been to live in the house right next to your apartment complex! You saved another person from getting hit by a vehicle, a young child I believe, but you took an injury during that one, you were sooo lucky to get away alive. Hmm let me see here, I believe the last thing that I have here is your most recent. It seems that a young couple was getting mugged in an alley with a knife pointed at them. You managed to sneak up behind him and catch him off guard with a well placed punch to the kidney. That didn’t take him down, but it allowed the couple to run away, after which you tussled with the man, only to realize that it was a fake blade the entire time. You couldn’t have known that though, and that couple thanked you immensely for their lives. So do you have any more that we don’t know about, Mr. Drake?”

Donald stares at Lindsay for a few moments contemplating his words, you can see his mouth start to open and close many times and then clench. He lets out a heavy sigh and begins “Yes, Ms. Luna, there are a few others that nobody attributed to me. Those aren’t important though, all that matters is that the other people made it away alive. I would like to say that I appreciate all that you have done, by bringing me up here and letting all see just how great of a man you think that I am, but unfortunately I can’t. I only agreed to this meeting so that I could get something out. I’m not selfless. I really don’t believe that such a thing exists. I have ruined almost every relationship that I have ever been part of, I have driven friends and family away, lost my wife at first to separation and then due to an accident caused by her driving under the influence after a fight with me. I am not a good person. I am selfish, I never reciprocate with gifts that are given. I don’t honestly remember what it feels like to like myself, what it feels like to be a good person. I am lost and have felt that way for some time. I only help the people that I do in the hope that I will die while saving them. I’m not even man enough to finish my own life off, I would rather somebody do it for me. So there you are ma’am, your ‘hero’ spread wide for all to see.”

Lindsay looks stricken and then forces her stage smile back into place. “Well…. Mr. Drake… I would have to say that is indeed shocking. However I believe that simply because you have suffered so much, that many people are simply going to be all that much more proud of what you have done. That instead of taking your life, you are trying to give others their own back. Hold on a second.” She listens intently into her earpiece. “Wow, Donald, our phones are ringing off the hook. There are hundreds of people, the doctors themselves included who want to help give you therapy, free of cost for services rendered to the city. What do you say to that?”

His face hardens. “Lindsay, I’ve been down that road too many times. I don’t want this fame. I just want to be allowed to do what I’ve been doing and hopefully allowed to die in the process. I’ve not told you the whole story nor will I, but I am finished here. Thank you for your time” He walks away into the dark.

And thus continues one man’s war of will power vs fate.

  1. April 30th, 2011

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