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Welcome the new species of wasp discovered in Indonesia.   Its mandibles are longer than its front legs.



Check it out yo



I swear I didn’t have half as many before I had a child.  Now they pop up rather frequently.  My latest one is the fact that my son has to be put under anesthesia.  Isn’t even five yet.  I’m a tad nervous.  It’s nothing hardcore, but probably had been preventable.  It has only been one year since his last dental checkup.  In that year he has apparently developed 8 cavities in his teeth.  We brush his teeth regularly (yes that means twice a day regular, not once a week) but undid that by allowing him to take chocolate milk or regular milk to bed with him.  Things not water.  So shame on ilia, but I thought it was being taken care of with extra thorough brushing.  It hadn’t.   Soo let this be a lesson to you.  Don’t give child stuff other than water to drink at bedtime.  So here’s waiting for the appointment and hoping all goes well.  I suppose had I been under more than once and my wife been under at all we may not be as nervous, but we’ve both always been pretty healthy.  Send me good vibes.  Toodles for now

I mean when you are out anything can happen…..


Comics and Pictures

Welcome to my picture post and introduction to a fun comic, at least I think so.  The majority of them are definitely NSFW, but provided swearing and nudity don’t offend you they should be great trading at home.  It is a fantasy comic at  They make fin of many fantasy stories from Robin Hood to King Arthur to The Labyrinth.   So if you have a sense of humor hop on over there.  Enjoy some of the safer ones now.




And I could really use this muse…..


Oh.  While I’m on comics and stuff.  I strongly disagree with Michael Bay’s take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  How dare he rape my childhood and turn them into aliens because he feels that is more scientifically sound.   You, sir, are an embarrassment.  You arr good at making your turds look pretty,but they are still turds. So in petition…. Have another pic.


Rage.  Well have a nice one.


Facepalm of the day


I wore this shirt to work today.  I like to honor my roots whether that be being a smartass, eating watermelon, potatoes, purple drink, or pasta.  Or gaming even.  I would have thought this shirt fairly self explanatory.  I was wrong.  I was asked and I quote “what the hell is that on your shirt, is it a platypus?”  I didn’t know how to take that.  I stared mouth agape. I do have a few other posts started.  Finishing is just an issue apparently.  Off to the gym for now.

Another Second-Minute-Hour-Day-Sheisse

***Note** I have started and stopped this blog many times over the course of the last 2 weeks.  Soo if it seems jumbled or I repeat something already said… well my bad… So enjoy some of past me..

Yeah.  A week again already.  Where the hell is time going?  Seriously?!  I have  a few things that I’ve wanted to share for a  few days.  Alas those days have slipped away.  Like the sands in the hourglass; these are the days of your lives.. Nuh nuh nuuuuuuh. So something that has been sucking a bit of my time is an MMO for Android/Iphone.  It is called Order and Chaos and is pretty addicting.  It is essentially WoW lite.   I have watched friends lose any semblance of the sun ever touching their skin after being introduced to WoW.  This isn’t that bad.  Maybe because I’m older and haaaaaaave to(whiny voice) leave and work.  Or whatever other reason.  There are plenty of people in my guild that seem to be on no matter what time of the day it is though.  Maybe  I just don’t have that addictive of a personality if it doesn’t have boobs in it.  Maybe we will never know.  But it is fun.  Here are some screen shots that I stole off of mainly because I was too lazy to take my own.

Now a few random thoughts.  These have built up over a week or so as well.  Not all are current, but it shouldn’t matter to you.  It just might mean I don’t remember everything I had to say about them.  Wouldn’t be the first time ever.

Some thoughts on clothes.  I was shopping the other day and there were some robes on sale.  Down to something like 8 bucks when they had been 30 or 40.  So I thought Hey, this one even matches my sleep pants.  Why not?  Then another trail of thought entered my head, well a few actually.  My son is 4 now and he notices things like nudity now.  I used to love sleeping naked, but when a child joins you in bed it just sort of loses a bit of the appeal.  Especially whenever he uses your scrotum to pull himself up onto the bed.  It only takes one time of that happening for pants to sound fantastic.  The Why Not slowly started to form in my eyes.  I run warm.  I prefer to have as little clothes on as possible when wandering around the house due to this.  The problem that formed was that if I wear the robe, most likely I won’t want to wear pants with it.  I don’t know that I want to be that dad with balls hanging out all over.  So I decided against the robe.

Another clothing thing, related to the first one, is that I am tired of buying clothes based on how well I think they will hide a sweat stain.  It makes me sick.  I know it isn’t all that pleasing to hear either, but well, I get to say what I want. So… nyah!  I’ve tried pretty well everything other than the surgery for sweaty peoples.  Have used probably 35 different antiperspirants including the prescription strength.  Uuuuugh.  That’s all really.

Thoughts thoughts thoughts.  How paranoid are you?  Do you worry alot about bad things happening to you?  Lock the door no matter what?  Lock the car?  Watch your back all the time?  My wife and I balance each other out in that regard.  I am pretty laid back and have this horrible optimism of people that won’t die out.  There is a big chunk of me that wants to believe that people will generally try to do the right thing, even though time and again it’s been torn to bits.  My wife on the other hand is not so naive.  I think it comes from her dad probably, but they always assume the worst in people and can have trouble making friends due to that.  I didn’t realize how engrained in her it was to be that way though until we moved the other day.  We were literally moving across the street and just carrying armfuls of stuff over and every single time that we went from one apartment to the other even if coming right back, CLUNK went the deadbolt.  I laughed and made fun of her, because that is what I do.  Fun things you realize about people even though you have been together for 8-9 years.  Like I didn’t know until a week ago that she likes sweet potatoes.

Now this last bit is a dream I had the other day.  It.. was disturbing.  I know I speak of dreams often, but this one actually had me wake up gagging.  I’m torn on even speaking of it.  It isn’t exactly family friendly.  Hm.  I will leave it up to you.  If somebody wants to hear it I shall speak of it, if not then only shall I be haunted by it.  That is really all for this one.  Good Morrow.

A Very Uncomfortable Place(Or Why I won’t say I really enjoy things going smooth)

Like the back of a Volkswagen.. The uncomfortable place that is.  Soooo.. It was one hell of a week.  I can trace it all back to last Sunday talking to my brother on the phone.  I told him that the last two weeks had been amazing, not really any major problems at all.  His had been the same.  We said huzzah and reveled in the glory of the calm. And then…

Monday – Started off alright, and then my son decided to throw up.  All in all it wasn’t a bad day after that, just meant I started the week off short hours at work.  I got over it.  Then I found out that a co-worker that I got into an argument with and put in his place had placed a bullet on my workstation.  That floored me a bit.  What floored me more was the fact that the boss decided to do nothing about it.  Nothing.  So I call the bullshit flag on that.

Tuesday – Was my Monday at work.  Just lots of customers calling and begging for their products to be made.  Commence Operation: Run Around Like A Chicken With Head Cut Off.  So yeah.  Not much there.  I talked to one of my police friends that night because I had bought a Kindle Fire via Craigslist.  I tried to register it and it turned up lost or stolen over the weekend, so I talked to him and had him trace down what Police Department it had been reported stolen at.  So he finally came up with where it came from on Tuesday.  Now I could have just sent it back to Amazon, but all that they wanted to do was to recycle it and too damn bad for the person who had lost it/had it stolen.  That seemed pretty shitty to me.  So that is why I went the policeman man man route.  That way I could try to find the person and get it back to them.  I did hope that I could get some money back from what I spent on it, but didn’t know if that could happen.

Wednesday – More of the same at work.  Just do lots of running around.   After that I decided it was definitely a good day to get some gym time in.  So I picked up my wife and headed to pick up my son and then off to the gym.  Well on the way to my son there was an accident on the main road, so I turned off and took the back road to the babysitter’s house.  We went through a gas station parking lot and briefly debated on grabbing a protein bar or something to snack on before the gym.  We decided not to just in the off chance that our son would want a quick snack as well.  We then turned onto the back road and headed towards the babysitter’s house.  We stopped at a red light.  There were two cars in front of us and a truck behind us.  At the intersection there were two separate lights.  One for a left hand turn, one to go straight.  The light to turn left went green while the one to go forward stayed red.  Apparently the truck behind us didn’t realize that.  He gunned his gas without paying any attention and then took his eyes off the road to pick his cell phone up.  The next thing I knew I was a pin ball.  He hit me hard enough to push me into the van in front of me and bounce me back and forth.   Luckily there really wasn’t much damage done to my vehicle, at least as far as I can tell so far.  My neck was a bit tender tho.  After that proceeded to the babysitters and decided screw the gym.  Home and sleep.

Thursday – Well, I overslept.  Then went to the police station and turned in the Kindle Fire.  Did all the standard interview questions.  Got sad that I don’t get my money back.  But I suppose at least I did the right thing.  Best thing was getting a bit of the weight off my chest of having a stolen good.  So I got to work, only got to work 4 hours.  Had to clock out for part of it to answer insurance questions for the rear-ending.  I then finished up what I could and left for the day to go to the auto-body shop because my check engine light is on for my catalytic converter for the second time.  So I head to the place to find out if it is still under warranty and if they can do anything about it.  No sooner do I hand my keys over than I get a call from my wife.  It appears that we need to take our son to the doctor.  He was pooping and started squirting out blood along with the rest.  She sent pictures to prove it.  So I head home and pick them up and off to the doctor’s office.  We get there.  Turns out the insurance card they had on file had expired since the last time and my wife forgot her purse.  So it took 45 minutes to figure out insurance just to get in.  We get in and do a bit more waiting.  Doctor finally shows up, asks the questions, and then decides that my son is just pooping too big and he ripped something.  So he needs to get some stool softener and it should make everything better hopefully….. but she had to do some checking anyway.  It is quite the uncomfortable feeling watching your 4 year old son getting fingered.  Felt so dirty and awkward.  He didn’t help.  He didn’t scream or cry or anything like that though.   No, he giggled.  A doctor is knuckle deep in him and asking him to squeeze like he is pooping and he is just laughing away.  I was at a loss for words.  That doesn’t happen much.

Friday – Not much actually.  I woke up at 2AM and went to work early.  Put in 11 hours and headed home.  Now I sit here trying not to sleep.  The worse thing so far today was slicing the end of my thumb almost off.

So what’s the moral of the story?  Don’t tempt fate.  Toodles for now.

Watch “THE AVENGERS Super Bowl Extended Commercial” on YouTube

He has an army, but they have a Hulk.  Not sure how I feel about three movie yet.

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