I hope to set an example, you know, for children and stuff.” -Captain Hammer

Wow. I suck.  I can’t believe that I let myself put off Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog for so long.  It was faaaaantastic.  Would be fairly hard not to be though, having both NPH and Nathan Fillion in it.  I’ve had it on my ‘To Watch’ list for far too long and finally decided to say screw the other things that were there, including a decent number of pornos, and watch it.  Sadly to say I think I may have gotten more enjoyment out of it than if I had watched the porn.  Now I must sit and await for the potentiality of the sequel, and the awesomeness that it may bring.

On that note I like villains.  I feel that all too often not enough of them get their story out there.  It is normally 1) good guy story 2) good guy back story making you feel pity for him 3) point blatantly at the person who made good guy cry for mommy 4) person laughs evilly and says that given the chance he would make good guy cry for gramama too 5) person that made good guy cry is made to feel lots of pain and/or prison sentence.  Those stories are far too prevalent in my opinion.  Sure there are a few movies out there now that show the bad guy, like Megamind, but they always make him turn good so that we get our happy ending.  Personally I am tired of happy endings(in stores, not massage parlors).  On the other hand though, you can’t just make them evil for evil’s sake.  The character needs to have a reason for that propensity to do not-so-nice things.  At least they don’t seem so nice to the person on the receiving end.

We need a good new solid story that tells you the story from the very beginning from the “bad guy’s” point-of-view.  Make you love that character, make you feel their pain, and then feel all kinds of happiness/shame/arousal/all sorts of other crazy feelings at the fact that they are hacking off heads, raping nuns, doing the crossword puzzles on their neighbor’s paper, not putting the toilet seat down and whatever else is deemed ‘evil’.  Write in a good breaking point.  Or better yet, have the character with a completely lucid mind.  He just firmly believes that his way is best and he has the will power to make it happen.  Doesn’t matter what kind of crazy stuff you believe, with the right amount of charisma and interpersonal skills you can accomplish almost anything.  Hell look at Hitler.

Oh, and speaking of evils and Hitler, and zombies(even if not typed out, they are always thought of and their uprising is coming) I wish you all a Happy Easter, which after all is the most ancient holiday that worships zombies.

P.S. if anybody knows of a good book that is told from the evil mastermind point of view, let me know.  I have come across a few that I’ve read but most all are a disappointment filled with lots of the same old stuff.


YouTube – Beastie Boys – Sabotage

This is one of the best fitting music videos for the song ever. And c’mon who wouldn’t want to dress like 70’s cops?

Just the Tip First, Please

A game that any male who has entered the magical world of the squeaky voice and itchy mons pubis, among other things, is familiar with.  It seems oddly appropriate for this, my first blog post though.

So here I am eating boneless buffalo bites and downing mountain dew.  Writer training.  Sure some may say that coffee is the way to go, but when you work with 30 people that all have horrendous coffee spawned halitosis, it is tough to go that route without thinking of making out with all of them, even the bearded ones. *shudders* No good at all.   What should this blog accomplish?  Well hopefully it will get me to get better about opening up on a daily-ish basis about ideas and thoughts floating around in my head.  So that I have an outlet for them, and maybe even get some creative criticism/feedback.  Also, part of writer training.  And in case you are curious, not following any certain person, just stereotype.  That’s how you truly know what is true about a person, right? What stereotypes are associated with them?

On that note I have stopped bathing as regularly, got a desk, filled many coffee mugs with brown liquid(maybe the visual effect helps?), gone down to sleeping 2 hours a day, ignoring (bill) deadlines, not shaving and eating as much fast food as possible. Fat American author come on dooooown.

I wish I could say the sleeping was due only to the writer training, but I have a son that enjoys coming to my bed in the middle of the night and playing soccer with my kidneys.

My fascination of the day would have to be nature.  We just had some pretty good storms head through the midwest, even a few tornadoes, and I(being the enlightened genius that I am) found myself standing on the porch staring in awe at the swirling chaos that was the sky.  I wasn’t….lucky?.. enough to see a tornado up close, but there was still plenty of chaos, rain, and a smidgen of hail.  How can we as humans be arrogant enough to think that we could actually be in any sort of control of this planet?  I’m waiting for Gaia to finally get fed up with this experiment and wipe us out.  I figure she loves life though, and that would kind of go against her nature. I hope. On some days. Other days, well that faith in humanity just isn’t there.

I suppose that is enough rambling to start out with.  I hope to find some sort of groove to slip into as this goes on.  So that maybe I can have blogs that.. GASP.. have a point, so that they are worthy of comment. Well until then, see you all soon.