If Famous Writers Had Written Twilight… » Journalist, Editor, Author of Leaving Mundania

If Famous Writers Had Written Twilight… » Journalist, Editor, Author of Leaving Mundania.

Thought this was pretty funny.  Some of the comments are great.


It’s even funnier when….


People at work ask you into their office you ask why this is funny. 

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In Conversation With My Son

Just one of those times that you shouldn’t laugh but can’t help it.

To set the scene up… It was bath-time for my child.  I got him in the tub when suddenly I felt quite the rumble in my tummy.  There was no way around it; I was going to have to poo.  It wasn’t the ideal situation but it need to happen.  So I sit down and get ready to when suddenly he demands to know “Why are you getting naked?!”  I told him the business I was about and commenced to follow through.  At which point he decides to discover his scrotum more.  He has discovered the rest of himself many times over, but now it was apparently question time about that.  So he lifts the rest of himself and asks me “What’s this?”

So I tell him “It’s your scrotum.”

He asks “Whats in it?”

“Well son, your testicles are in it.”


“Because that’s where they are kept.”

Do you mean my balls?!”

“Why yes son, they are your balls.”

What do they do?”

“Well when you get older they will make babies.”

Wow! How do they do that?  Is it by waiting?”

“Yep.  That is exactly it.  You simply have to wait and they will make babies when you are older.”


“Because that is what they do.”

Oh.  Will my balls be big like yours?  I have small balls”(yes I have been laughing for some time at this point)

“I’m sure they will be.”  He then gets quiet and I focus on pooping.

Daddy look!”

I look over and he still has himself lifted and has grabbed the cup to pour water all over his sack.

“What are you doing?”

“My  balls like water! A lot!” Then he starts rubbing them and claims to be cleaning them..  I finish my business and he finishes bath time.  End of story pretty much.   Just something that made me laugh because of how obscene it was.

So enjoy my discomfort and giggles.  May you suffer them as well.

A Confession

I feel dirty.  The sad thing is that I haven’t even done anything yet.  The reason for this not so fresh feeling is that I have been looking for a tablet.  Note this doesn’t seem to bad to start off, but it is the conclusion that is the problem.  The problem is that I’ve begun seriously contemplating an iPad.  Truthfully, I like the Asus Transformer Prime more.  The problem is support though.  There aren’t nearly as many things available for it yet.  Now, I am pro Android through and through.  I won’t be buying an iPhone, well, ever.  I like being able to customize my phone.  To make it mine.  Not to simply sit back and take it however Apple wants to give it to me.  Honestly that is probably most of my beef with Apple.  I don’t like being told I can’t do something.  The thing is though, the tablet wouldn’t be just for me.  Would be for my son and possibly my wife as well.  There are lots of great learning opportunities that are supported on on the iPad.  Lots of attachments as well.  The thing that I recently learned about is iTunesU.  It is a resource that allows you to browse lots of courses for anywhere from kindergarten to college.  Teachers can upload entire course materials.  You can get all of the education without the price.  That is kind of amazing to me.  I hate saying it too.  I don’t think that any other platform could get that off the ground as well as Apple simply because of the following that has started.  Also because they are easy to use and lots of people are idiots.  Not to put myself up on a soapbox or anything.  But. That is my confession.  My dirty little secret that makes me cry in the shower and scrub fiercely.  I hope you enjoyed.


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Why is this song not on The Big Bang Theory? Seems a good fit to me.  I’ve loved the song for a long time.  The show is a newer(within the last year) love.  It seems to me they should mesh well.  Maybe it is because they don’t want to promote geeks shooting bullies in the head?  Maybe we will never know.  Or maybe it was on an episode and I missed it.  Meh.

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Blood is Thicker


As they say.  Got my son fitted for a tux for his wedding role.  And of course all he was interested in was flashing himself.  Not sure if I should take credit or give to his mother.  Although she is definitely a bit more modest than me.  Suppose I will claim it.  Great fun either way

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A game coming out in just a little over a week.  It looks pretty sweet methinks.  I like that they aren’t trying to fool you with saying it is an all new type of game.  The creators are very direct in saying that there are elements from all sorts of games that are brought together to make this one.  Rich story, Rich quests, Rich fighting.  One of the reviewers decided that he did not want to do quests, that he only wanted to hack and slash his way through different areas.  He was able to play for 2 weeks straight and still not run out of stuff.  That is pretty massive.  What else is cool is that this entire game sets up the world so that when the MMO for the game comes out in the near future, you have learned  a lot already.  There will be DLC too(which I know many people hate) but it isn’t just to do a quest here or there, the DLC will actually bridge the two games.  Either way, check it out!