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Another Second-Minute-Hour-Day-Sheisse

***Note** I have started and stopped this blog many times over the course of the last 2 weeks.  Soo if it seems jumbled or I repeat something already said… well my bad… So enjoy some of past me..

Yeah.  A week again already.  Where the hell is time going?  Seriously?!  I have  a few things that I’ve wanted to share for a  few days.  Alas those days have slipped away.  Like the sands in the hourglass; these are the days of your lives.. Nuh nuh nuuuuuuh. So something that has been sucking a bit of my time is an MMO for Android/Iphone.  It is called Order and Chaos and is pretty addicting.  It is essentially WoW lite.   I have watched friends lose any semblance of the sun ever touching their skin after being introduced to WoW.  This isn’t that bad.  Maybe because I’m older and haaaaaaave to(whiny voice) leave and work.  Or whatever other reason.  There are plenty of people in my guild that seem to be on no matter what time of the day it is though.  Maybe  I just don’t have that addictive of a personality if it doesn’t have boobs in it.  Maybe we will never know.  But it is fun.  Here are some screen shots that I stole off of mainly because I was too lazy to take my own.

Now a few random thoughts.  These have built up over a week or so as well.  Not all are current, but it shouldn’t matter to you.  It just might mean I don’t remember everything I had to say about them.  Wouldn’t be the first time ever.

Some thoughts on clothes.  I was shopping the other day and there were some robes on sale.  Down to something like 8 bucks when they had been 30 or 40.  So I thought Hey, this one even matches my sleep pants.  Why not?  Then another trail of thought entered my head, well a few actually.  My son is 4 now and he notices things like nudity now.  I used to love sleeping naked, but when a child joins you in bed it just sort of loses a bit of the appeal.  Especially whenever he uses your scrotum to pull himself up onto the bed.  It only takes one time of that happening for pants to sound fantastic.  The Why Not slowly started to form in my eyes.  I run warm.  I prefer to have as little clothes on as possible when wandering around the house due to this.  The problem that formed was that if I wear the robe, most likely I won’t want to wear pants with it.  I don’t know that I want to be that dad with balls hanging out all over.  So I decided against the robe.

Another clothing thing, related to the first one, is that I am tired of buying clothes based on how well I think they will hide a sweat stain.  It makes me sick.  I know it isn’t all that pleasing to hear either, but well, I get to say what I want. So… nyah!  I’ve tried pretty well everything other than the surgery for sweaty peoples.  Have used probably 35 different antiperspirants including the prescription strength.  Uuuuugh.  That’s all really.

Thoughts thoughts thoughts.  How paranoid are you?  Do you worry alot about bad things happening to you?  Lock the door no matter what?  Lock the car?  Watch your back all the time?  My wife and I balance each other out in that regard.  I am pretty laid back and have this horrible optimism of people that won’t die out.  There is a big chunk of me that wants to believe that people will generally try to do the right thing, even though time and again it’s been torn to bits.  My wife on the other hand is not so naive.  I think it comes from her dad probably, but they always assume the worst in people and can have trouble making friends due to that.  I didn’t realize how engrained in her it was to be that way though until we moved the other day.  We were literally moving across the street and just carrying armfuls of stuff over and every single time that we went from one apartment to the other even if coming right back, CLUNK went the deadbolt.  I laughed and made fun of her, because that is what I do.  Fun things you realize about people even though you have been together for 8-9 years.  Like I didn’t know until a week ago that she likes sweet potatoes.

Now this last bit is a dream I had the other day.  It.. was disturbing.  I know I speak of dreams often, but this one actually had me wake up gagging.  I’m torn on even speaking of it.  It isn’t exactly family friendly.  Hm.  I will leave it up to you.  If somebody wants to hear it I shall speak of it, if not then only shall I be haunted by it.  That is really all for this one.  Good Morrow.



I sit on the couch.  Playing video games as is norm.  All of the sudden Maynard James Keenan busts in and starts filming a music video.  I look over in disdain and think to myself “Meh, whatever” and go back to playing my games.  After a little bit of that I decide I really need a shower, video games being a rigorous job, and head to the bathroom.  I shower and notice that my hair has grown to be shoulder length, sweet.  My wife comes in and starts some dirty talk and tells me to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle for her and do a sexy dance.  So I do, and rub my junk all up and down the glass, wondering if it looks as funny as boobs pressed against glass and then finish my shower.  I finish my shower and get out only to realize that the person filming Maynard’s music video is in my bathroom and had filmed the whole dance I did.  I blush hugely and then demand to watch the video.  We watch it and I am fairly pleased with how it turned out, glad to see that the camera does indeed add weight to my junk.  Apparently my being naked on camera is all that it takes to set off the Zombie Apocalypse because it has now commenced.  We all run away from the zombies hoping that something will save us.  And then…. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show up!  They start kicking the zombies’ collective arse and send us away in a space ship to the space station so that we may survive.  A huge cry of joy goes up for the Power Rangers! They saved us!  Then we get onto the space station and start walking around only to find… Zombie Power Rangers.  We are good and truly fucked now.  Everybody tries to figure out how to escape.

And then I woke up.

That was my dream last night.  It had me awake in a slight stupor and a lot of WTF.  Great times all around.

Sooo yeah.  How are things going?  Pretty decent here.  Been quite the busy week.  Busy day today even.  I changed my own spark plugs.  Huzzah for me!  Sure it may not be the most difficult thing to do.. but it was my first time and I didn’t ruin anything.  I think that is a win.  I have also made an adapter for my Skylanders game that my son got for his birthday for the PS3.  I realize it is cross platform, but that is what we got it on.  I think that game is pretty fun.  I would compare it to a mixture of Diablo and Pokemon.  The only problem that I have with it is the Portal of Power that came with it. What is that?! You may ask.  Well here is a picture…..

That is what it is.  It is a wireless device that allows you to put Skylanders action figures on it, and they are ported directly into the game.  Pretty neat idea in my opinion.  It allows to have a whole party to fight alongside you, but not be on screen.  You need a fire person?  Pull the current one off the portal and put the fire one on.  Need a tech, undead, life, water, magic, earth, or air?  Do the same.  The game can be beaten with just the three that come in the pack, but to unlock everything you need at least one of each element.  The more of them you buy the more perks you get in the game though.  So what is my gripe with that portal?  It runs on batteries for the Ps3, Wii, and DS versions.  The only one that got to use a cable for power was the XBox 360.  I don’t know why they lucked out… But it is horseshit.  So I took matters into my own hands.  I built my own power cable for my portal.  Here is how it turned out….








Not too terrible, right?  That way you get a bit of techy-look with the magicky-look.  I have to confess that I wasn’t smart with the blue LED though,  I should have hooked both of them that I had instead of just the one because the one burnt out about a minute after I had it powered up.  A failure on my part, so it doesn’t light up super cool right now… but I may fix that in the future.  It still works as it should though.  I gave it a USB-Mini port as well, so it can be hooked up directly to the Ps3 to use.  I just use my phone charger though to hook up the other end of the cable.  It works great.  I need to do something about the wires between though.  May get some heatshrink and bundle them together.  That will be another day though,  I will call what I got done now a success because I don’t have to buy batteries.

I did do a bit of writing though… I like it too.  Guess we will see if I finish it up.



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More Dreams

If you couldn’t tell by now, dreams fascinate me.  I may not get down with god and jeebus and a lot of other supernatural mumbo jumbo, but the brain now that is as natural as it gets.  Also, don’t get me wrong I do find religion and other belief-type systems interesting, but I suppose I just lack the belief to take them seriously.  It could be because I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the brain.  I believe that our subconscious has a lot of shit worked out long before our conscious self is ready to deal.  Along those lines, I believe that dreams can have a lot of meaning to them.  That doesn’t mean that every dream is an omen of death, or getting laid, or bad juju, or anything like that, but some most definitely do have meaning.  Some others… well.. those are best left alone.  They are best suited to your ‘dark side’.  As Samuel Clemons once remarked, “Every man is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody”.  There are those dreams though, that invoke deja vu.  The dreams you have that are completely real until you wake up.  And then later on that day the dream happens.  Those have always happened for me a lot when there is some sort of deadline or test.  I can think of a few occasions where I dreamed taking the test with the exact questions that ended up being on the test the very next morning.  It was freaky, but I got good grades.  I had a dream the other night, for example, that made me ponder if I had smoked peyote.  It went a little something like this….

It was dark, and all was quiet.  I looked around the bedroom to see my wife all naked-like.  She comes over and starts to do the naughty things that naked people do in the bedroom(I won’t be graphic) but in the middle of it she decides to piss all over me(ok a little graphic).  Now I reasonably was none too thrilled with that development and remarked to her as calmly as I could with a hefty ‘What the Fu….?” And also imparted upon her the knowledge that such behavior was unacceptable.  To which she replied “you’ll get over it”.  I didn’t really feel that I would.  On that note I left the house to go to work.  I figured if I’m already going to be frustrated, may as well.  So I get to work and go to clock in.  All around the time clock there are shelves of parts.  On the ends of all the shelves are new posters.  They are all christian posters.  All trying to be uplifting and inspiring.  They want you to be happy, but only if you are happy with gawd.  This didn’t please me much either and my boss walked over.  I looked at him questioningly, but also along the lines of “What the Fu…..?” and he tells me that he has decided that not only are we a christian company now, but that we would be praying every day for success and happiness of the company, and what was I gonna do about it?  I didn’t really figure that there was anything I could really do about it without finding a different job and told him as such.  He begged me to reconsider and even to listen to him as he told me what made him change his mind and see the light.  Because not only are we christian now, but a family.  A family that we are going to tell customers about, and our brochure will now have you and the 65 year old hispanic lady on the cover holding hands.  This will show customers we are family oriented and bridge the generations.  Now about the christian thing, allow me to show you the light.  And then my boss, who is in his mid-40’s and a good six and a half feet tall, broke out into song and dance.  He broke out into hymnal actually.  He was singing, dancing, clapping and all kinds of carrying on.  Then the dial got turned to 11 and an entire african-american choir popped out near the shipping area and provided backup vocals to his hymnal.  Singing, clapping, and dancing as well.  They were singing a little bitty that was on repeat, it mainly consisted of “Let me take you higher, higher, higher”  Add as much grandeur and amazing-graceness as you feel necessary, it probably wont match how grand it was in the dream.  And then I was woken up.

How about that?  Pretty fun huh?  I was just stoked to have a sex dream that seemed normal.  They are few and far between.  It of course didn’t stay normal, but well I shouldn’t have hoped for it.  When you have sex dreams ranging from life-sized smurfs to Bea Arthur(who came cottage cheese) to trying to have sex in a house that is tumbling around in a tornado, you kind of get used to crazyness.

Want another?  Then continue reading. If not. Whatevs…

I was wandering through Target, doing some sexy clearance shopping because how cool that is.  Had apparently just left the gym because I was wearing my gym clothes and was sweaty.  The fake security guard(who has previously boned my wife) pops up and says to me “I don’t know why you’re wearing that muscle shirt, because you ain’t got any.”  To which I reply with a “Well that’s odd, because that is exactly how I feel about you and a condom on your… ahem.. cock”  This angered him and he kicked me out of Target.  He can do that, since he is security.  So I get out my phone and call the store manager up.  I’m on the phone with the manager when I notice securidick out of the corner of my eye.  Rushing my way and looking extremely pissed.  He doesn’t think I’ve seen him and tries to get me in a headlock.  I dodge and trip him.  He falls.  I laugh.  Then start to walk away, telling him he should drop it while he can.  He doesn’t.  I am walking towards my car, which was apparently parked on the edge of an 8-foot drop to pavement and more parking places below, when he rushes at me again.  He doesn’t come at me, and instead goes at my wife.  He tries to kiss her.  I grab him off of her and punch him in the head.  He falls to the lower pavement.  Head first.  On a corner of the cement.  Brains go oozing.  I leave.  And then I was woken up.

Shorter dream, but it was immensely more satisfying.  I have actually had a lot of really vivid, lucid dreams this week.  I would say that in the past week, i am 4 for the last 7 days or so.  Which is a far cry more than the normal 1/week.

Had another one that was sex related, and yes screwed up as well.  Another was a girl breaking a relationship off with me because I was just far too sweet and she needed a real man.  You know, the dirty kind, that is macho, and enjoys being hairy.  Had another one where the entire purpose of the dream was to make it to a concert with a friend from work.  It was going to be the best concert ever because it hadn’t been done yet.  It was a Power Rangers concert.  Dun dun dunnnn

So what do you think of dreams?

Are some of yours like this?

Or are those your acid/peyote dreams. Those that haunt you.

What else sucks are the memories that feel like dreams.  Where you have issues deciding if something actually happened or not.  No good.  I’m actually fairly tired currently.  Think I shall go off and sleep some more.


PS check it out.  I wrote for about half an hour.  Not much.  But a start again..
PPS I didn’t start off the first line with something along the lines of “I know it’s been awhile”  Yeah. Take that

PPPS Boobs

Pulling Teeth, Robots, and Dragons

So, you are sitting there as per usual, you know the pose.  Naked mostly, as long as the thick layer of cheetos crumbs don’t count.  You have an agenda.  Something that you terribly want and/or need to do.  Something you may even enjoy doing and yet. You aren’t.  Why?  It is fucking annoying.  Something that you so enjoyed doing before, and now for whatever reason it seems it would be easier to pull one of your own teeth out than to accomplish it.  It doesn’t matter the activity, just the feeling I’m getting at.  Maybe it was writing, painting, riding bikes, kayaking, or even probably most frustratingly masturbating.  That would really suck if all you wanted to do was get off and no dice.

My problem is, what changed?  I suppose that is more rhetorical than actual question.  I think most people can figure out what changed, but it is frustrating nonetheless.  Sometimes people ‘grow up’ and focus too much time on working than their actual passion.  Sometimes they have a spouse/partner that is unwilling to give up the time they feel they should get instead of the alone time that is craved.  Sometimes you injure yourself and are unable to perform at the same level.    No matter what happens to you, it is the getting through that that matters.  If it is something you truly love to do, then you have to find a way to make it happen.  If it doesn’t, then you will slowly go insane.  Maybe not that extreme but at the least you will become greatly embittered to whatever has kept you from what you want to do.

You know, I should really probably work on outlining these posts.  Maybe trying for a coherent statement instead of just what works in my head, eh?  That would make far too much sense though, and make me too architect-y.  Whine whine whine.

Speaking of whining.  I got and have been reading A Dance With Dragons by good ol’ George R.R. Martin.  I have made it about half way through the book now and I must say, I’m still waiting for the nut punches that Martin is known for.  So far the book very much has the same feel as A Feast For Crows which may very well be what he was going for.  The only problem with that is that this book has been yearned after like a teenage boy’s first glimpse of nipple.  And now the glimpse has finally been revealed… and it was from the 65 year old woman down the street, when the wind caught her nightie.  Sure it was a nipple.  But not terribly exciting and there was a horrible amount of bush as that showed too.  I suppose for this metaphor, bush would have to be excess that doesn’t seem to fit or be needed.  Once again, I’m not bashing, I still think Martin is a great writer.  However, Tyrion getting down off of the horse to inspect the detail of this road that has lasted over 400 years just doesn’t seem relevant or in his character.

Potential spoilers, but not enough information to really be follows…..

There have been a few good nuggets of information that have appeared.  Have heard a little more about a possible origin of Jon, some more about the three-eyed crow, some of what led up to Davos being shortened by a head, and that Daenarys has become a whiny teenage bitch.  All the forward momentum she had going seems halted at this point.  If you have finished, and it changes, don’t bite my head off.  The Boltons are right bastards though.  I suppose that is all I have to say so far about it.  I really hope that the last half of the book blows the back half of my skull off.

ROBOTS! I was flipping through the channels, obviously making great use of a night off, when I happened upon a Robot Wars show on science.  It was actually the championship of this year.  I haven’t watched one of these shows in forever, it was fantastic.  I had such a nerd boner watching those robots tear eachother apart.  It was hosted by Grant Imahara(the asian from Mythbusters).  If you get a chance, give it a whirl.  Some of the forces that those robots were putting out were amazing.

Toodles for now my dearies.

Dreams, Science Fiction, and Super Mario

Dreams. We all have them and supposedly they are your mind working through all the different information that it has come across.  So what does it mean when you have a dream about your wife banging one of your best friends, who is magically hung like my forearm, while a super religious friend watches, you other best friend calls to try and offer support and she gleefully tells him that she is leaving you.  Score one for becoming an alcoholic writer?

Oh and that’s not the best part, the best part is the theme music to the dream.  I thought that it was something common, but my wife says that she never has music in her dreams. Do you?  Every one of my dreams has theme music.  This one’s theme music was the intro to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Needless to say, it was a fairly messed up dream.  Interrupted only by my three year old getting into bed with us around 3am and kicking me square in the manhood that seemed so lacking in that dream.  A pleasant awakening.

Hm.  On to the next subject, anybody notice how Super Mario is like Hitler?  Now follow me for just a minute.  What did Hitler eat for breakfast? That’s right, Jewish babies.  Now what does Mario eat to super-size him? Mushrooms.  Don’t seem that connected?  Well what about Toad and all of his people?  I firmly believe that you are supposed to be saving their babies from the evil Bowser, and instead you eat them because they give you the awesome power that Bowser is trying to get for himself.

Also, what is up with everybody hating Science Fiction?  Not one good Sci-Fi series has lasted lately? No more SG1, Farscape, Firefly, SGU or many others, WTF guys?

Last bit of news that I found to have extremely mixed feelings about, but mostly negative.  Seth MacFarlane will be redoing the Flintstones for a release in the next year or two.  I don’t think that meshes well..  Family Guy humor in the Flintstones.. Hm… What do you think?