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Game of thrones drinking game




If any of you ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender(no not the horrible movie but the cartoon series)  then you may have heard about the follow up trilogy that is in the works.  The first two episodes leaked online.  I watched them(all it takes is a simple search for Korra leaked episodes on google for those unused to using a search engine) and I must say I am excited and interested in seeing where they take the series.  The world has changed quite a bit since the time of Aang the avatar.  He brought the nations together and formed a capitol city named creatively enough Republic City.  The nations working together has changed the face of the world quite a bit.  It is far less feudal and almost in a steampunkish era.  Do look into finding the episodes and watching them, I strongly recommend it.  The first episode is a little rushed I felt, but it seemed to slow down and start worrying a bit more about the story in the second one.  They apparently just wanted to get as much of the introduction stuff out of the way as possible in the first episode.  One thing that I found really neat were the metalbenders.  They were only shown in an official capacity(as the police) but I really enjoyed what they did with the metalbending.  They were essentially a mix of Iron Man and Spiderman.  Here are some pictures from the episodes. …. Toodles.

If you watch them, let me know what you think.


Why is this song not on The Big Bang Theory? Seems a good fit to me.  I’ve loved the song for a long time.  The show is a newer(within the last year) love.  It seems to me they should mesh well.  Maybe it is because they don’t want to promote geeks shooting bullies in the head?  Maybe we will never know.  Or maybe it was on an episode and I missed it.  Meh.

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Blood is Thicker


As they say.  Got my son fitted for a tux for his wedding role.  And of course all he was interested in was flashing himself.  Not sure if I should take credit or give to his mother.  Although she is definitely a bit more modest than me.  Suppose I will claim it.  Great fun either way

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