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Game of thrones drinking game



Because we need randomness (via Frank C Bishop)

For seabeegirl because I said I would re-find that. I tried email first. I was wrong. So I went to the source. And now after browsing all of his posts for the last 10 minutes I give you…. another cool video that was cheaply made. Do enjoy! Also, thank Frank.

Because we need randomness This is an awesome video. An anime fan filmed some fight scenes and interactions with some cosplay geeks and made one sweet video. What is sad is that this is more accurate and better edited with CGI than half of the crap Hollywood flushes out. Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Watch this buddy comedy mash-up of Bronn and Tyrion.  Click HERE to see the video.       So where have I been? Well… for the past days I have been busy. D … Read More

via Frank C Bishop

Thoughts on Life, Complimenting Women, and Captain America

OK. First things first.  I know I put other stuff in the title, but the excited geek in me must interject a quick addition.  Check out THIS SITE. It has some pretty sweet shirts, some fun, some original, some just really cool mesh-ups, like these two….

Game of Blades

Mandalorian Punisher


Maybe those shirts don’t do much for you, but it took quite a bit of self restraint to not just buy them outright.  I need to be a good boy and wait for money, if I can ever convince myself to pay $25 for a shirt.  May not seem like much, but considering I normally spend about $5 on shirts at Target when they go on clearance, it is a bit pricier.  So maybe one day I will buy them, but til then my geekboner will rage proudly.

Now then, to go in no semblance of the order that the title says, maybe just to stick with the geekiness a minute more, I went and saw Captain America over the weekend with my chitlin.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  It took him a minute to warm up to it, considering Captain America started out as Steve Rogers, and being 3, he wasn’t sure why it just didn’t start with Cap.  Once Cap appeared though, shit was real for the kid.  What made me happiest was the fact that it didn’t stick to the normal Marvel movie formula, where a 90 minute movie is 80 minutes of buildup and then 10 minutes of actual action.  There was about 20-25 minutes of intro and what-not, and the rest was pretty well straight action, followed up after the credits with The Avengers teaser.  All in all, it was definitely worth going to see.

Thoughts on life.  Nothing dramatic or life altering I suppose.  Was just thinking that we seem to go through life as a blind-person expected to make an extravagant quilt.  We picture it in our mind’s eye, but actually making it happen is a hell of a lot more difficult.  It doesn’t translate well to real world workings.  Not only that, there are the decisions that we have to make.  Do we cut this material from our life?  Do we just stitch something new over something torn/burned/ruined?  Should we stick with old and trusted material or opt for something new and exciting?  What pattern should we use for the stitching, because that stitchwork will be what holds the whole thing together.  What kind of quilt will it/should it be?  I don’t know if the should really fits anywhere.  Don’t know if any life SHOULD really be any one thing or the other.  I suppose that would be more opinion, but if it is in you mind’s eye it all is, isn’t it?  Like I said, nothing earth shattering, but it was a metaphor going through my head at work this morning, while I felt the pull of madness.

Complimenting women.  It is of my completely humble*coughbullshitcough* opinion that you can really only make one person happy a day.  I was told that is pessimistic.  But I didn’t say that I only try for that, just that realistically that is what you will probably achieve.  Be optimistic and try all that you want, but humans are a stubborn and fickle species.  In that one that you get a day, I never include complimenting a woman as a try.  This is because, they never truly take a man at his word/compliment.  See, you can have the most pure intentions when walking up to a female and telling her, “Hey, you look beautiful today.” Or even “I know you said screw the diet, but it really looks to me like you have lost some weight” or maybe something like “You got yourself a purty mouth, boy”.  Ok. Maybe not the last one, but it’s too late to go back now.  The thing is though, that after you say that line(Yes, even if you truly mean it) two things happen.  The outward thing that happens is normally something along the lines of “Aww thanks, you’re so sweet”.  While the inner line of dialogue is along the lines of “Oh, honey, you are such a naive bastard”.  It seems to be similar to when a child asks you, “Does God have feet?”  You are overwhelmed by the cuteness of it, but at the same time thinking to your own cynical self that the bastard doesn’t even exist, let alone have feet.  It also makes me think of an episode of How I Met Your Mother, best summed up by the preview of said episode.

Well, that’s about that.  Gonna go do some writing.  Actually did a bit of that over the weekend and think I have a short story/chapter of bigger story when I get there about done.  Some little tweaking to it and I shall call it happy mchappy pants.  Have since started a short story of my own take on this whole zombie business.  It is fairly light hearted, as any good zombie tale should be. Ha!

Night for now


Hells Bells I’m Lazy

So even though I haven’t posted anything in a few days to put it modestly, I have actually been somewhat busy.  Mainly work, some family stuff, some arguments, some time with child, and some stuff of the carnal nature.  Been starting to feel the itch to write again, which is amazing.  Have been battling this super awesomely long bout of depression, so feeling much of anything has been kind of tough.  No, I won’t whine and cry and say life is so horrible.  That’s not it at all.  It’s been something that has always been there on and off.  Lately it has just been more on.  Not gonna kill me, myself, or somebody important, not gonna cry and cut myself.  Mainly I just try to act like nothing has happened and put on a smile for everybody.  Healthy, right?  The tell-tale sign though is that I have accomplished nothing.  Not a damn thing.  There is actually another author who put up a great(relatively speaking) blog about his own battle with depression.  It can be found HERE.

His name is Scott Lynch and he has so far had 2 books published.  I have read and enjoyed both of them greatly.  They are The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies.  They are books that follow the shenanigans of one Locke Lamora and his *ahem* merry band of thieves.  Now add in a bunch of sex, blood, cursing, and awesome witticisms and you have yourself a damn good book or two.  I have had a few friends that I had read the books as well.  The best thing that I can deduce is that you will either love or hate them.  There isn’t a whole lot of middle ground.  The first book does jump back and forth in the timeline quite a bit, I thought that it did it smoothly but I have heard that it wasn’t smooth to a friend or two.  So as long as you can handle some time jumping and cursing, then read them.  Hell, read them anyways!  It’s like Robin Hood meets Kevin Smith.

Another great few things that Scott Lynch has just put up are a few Ebay auctions.  The links to the 3(so far) auctions are HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Now the first 2 auctions have been set up to raise money for Planned Parenthood.  There have been a lot of budget cuts that have made getting help for people a lot harder, so he is doing what he can for them.  The last auction is for another author who unexpectedly passed away on June 2.  His name was Joel Rosenberg and this auction is to help his family.

Wow.  Kind of went on and on about him.  Kind of man crush.  Maybe a little gay I guess.  Oh well.  Good causes and a great author if my opinion counts at all.  And to me, well. Mine is the only one that truly matters, right?  Damn, I at least play the arrogant card good.

SOOOOooooo….. The countdown continues, only 6 days until we can all Dance With Dragons courtesy of George R.R. Martin.  You ready to have your ball hair burnt off?  I know that I am.  And then not too long after that we have Ghost Story from Mr. Jim Butcher himself.

I can’t really tell you which one I am more excited for.  I have read the first four chapters of Ghost Story off of Butcher’s blog.  I have to say that I am curious as a mofo as to just how the hell Dresden is going to continue on.  I could wrap my head around it when I thought this was all just immediately after Dresden’s death.  But now we find out that it has been 6 months?! Shiiiiit.  His body dun rotten fool.  So I must say I really want to read that and find out.  I hope that it is of decent length and does justice to Changes.  I hope that we at least find out if Dresden is going to stay dead or not in this book.  As long as that is resolved I will be happy.

On the other hand, Dance With Dragons.  I have been yearning to find out more of Tyrion’s tale for some time now.  I haven’t been waiting nearly as long as some of the diehard fanboys, seeing as I finished the last book less than a year ago.  Also I know that Daenerys is getting ready to f*** some bastards up.  Ok. I hope that will happen.  After A Feast for Crows, I really really hope that some things happen.  I wont bash Feast like many others did, it was still a good book.  That can’t be taken away from it.  The problem with it being a good book however, is that all of the books leading up to it were either great or fantastic.  So people were expecting that, and Feast didn’t deliver quite the UMPH that the other books did.  There were definitely some good parts, but all in all, about 1/10 of what normally happens in a Martin book happened.

Tyrion though, he be my man.  I can not wait for his story.  So 6 days.  Woohooooo.  I even think that they did a pretty respectable job on turning Martin’s books into The Game of Thrones series.  There were inconsistencies, sure, but when compared to other adaptations like, oh, True Blood for example, I would have to say they were extremely moderate.  I still can’t believe how far off the deep end that show has gone.  It is beyond silly at this point.  I have read all but the latest of the Charlaine Harris books.  They are far superior to the farce that has become the show.  So. Yeah. Take that. Nyah! (That was me sticking my tongue out by the way)

Well shit.  I can’t really say that I feel like blabbing on much more.  There is a bit more going on in my head right now, but I need to do some more thinking and even some actual damn writing before I go there. So best to sort things out before it is just another random blurb.  But then again… this is my own damn blog so take it and like it.


Night all.


Soo been doing some more writing. Whatever chance I get.  Finding my style more.  Realizing that I’m a gardener, even if a frustrated one.  I’ve not the patience to do the architecture thing.  I try. Oh I try, but it just never goes anywhere when I try to put points and plots out.  Little notes are ok, about characters, or certain things that I want to happen, but doing the whole thing in one fell swoop doesn’t work out.  Maybe I need to work on my foresight.  The only problem I’m finding with the gardening thing is that sometimes it takes me a bit to get any writing done, even if not distracted.    I get caught up playing scenes in my head, seeing how they would play out in a few different ways.

Thinking about writing styles and all that goes with it has gotten me thinking about the story that I’ve been working on with my broham.  I know there are many writer collaborations out there, but up until now I’ve never stopped to think about how that actually works.  Even in the stages of planning that him and I have done.  It has just been a… well.. I will write some of this, you write some of that and will meet somewhere in the middle.  I wonder what the best way to do it is.  Especially if you end up having different styles, or if your writing has different feels even. Do you both write the stories that you want and then have one or the other essentially re-write what had been previously written but in their tone?

Maybe you do it as some of the Star Wars series have done, have the books set up in a certain order, figure out where you want the story to go, have one person start the first book, and the other person start the second book, and pump them out like that in order.   I could see that working better for those with different styles, but at least one person would have to be an architect to help the process happen.  I can do that when prompted, I think.  Working with somebody else building a universe is much more fun than outlining it yourself.  Especially if it is 3 in the morning and you are on a mountain dew and cheetos high.  Hmmm I suppose this will be a conversation that we need to have. Good thing we are planning on a get together soon.  Pain in the ass trying to start a new career when you already have one going and a family to boot.

I thoroughly enjoy this though.  I like creating.  I like thinking that there are people enjoying things that I have created.  Hopefully making them think or at least putting a smile on their face.  I enjoy that more than many things, the instant that you see that smile spread from the eyes to the lips.  From that first twinkle to the end of the white glisten.  It can be phenomenal.  Not all smiles are the same and that is part of what makes it great.  What is a really fun/frustrating feeling is when you make a joke that they don’t get right away(the frustrating part comes in if they never get it and you have to explain, thus completely diffusing the situation and ruining what could have been a pure smile) but the idea takes root in their head and blossoms, becoming their own reason to smile.

Sadly this power can be used for great evil though, for I have on occasion been known to be a complete smartass or even sardonic asshole.  Those days I feel that the power has taken a selfish turn, because the only person that ends up truly smiling is myself.  Oh sure others will smile, buuut it isn’t quite the same as the other situation.

Either way, I must go, for Game of Thrones is on now.  Cheers my lovelies.

Mothers Day, Broken Families, and Death

Well its that special day of the year, well one of many anyway that we are supposed to think about the special person of the day.  So happy day to the mothers out there! Especially those that had to push out a baby over 8 pounds, high five to you.  So in that spirit I have a mother’s day poem for those who have a broken family with step-people in it.  Those situations are not always bad,  and in fact can turn out pretty great.   So here goes…

“You came into my life and although I’m glad,

It’s all because you were banging my dad.

So here it is, I want you to hear it true,

that although from your vagina I did not come,

I love and respect you,

And am glad to call you mum”

I mean I like the feel of that card.  Starts off a little silly but sends the message home, right?  The next big hallmark card in the making!

Tangent.. So I was working the other day and some ants decided that they were going to head on in and chill on a coworkers station.  She wasn’t all that pleased with the situation, and another coworker who is absolutely terrified of ants but worked 20 feet away was even less thrilled.  So I did the thing that I do, offered advice(I know being a smartass should really be there, but hey I can pretend) So I tried to help find some ant spray.  None at work.  So I tell them to get some cinnamon and put it in the ants’ path.  They laugh and say ‘What?! That will just make them thar critters come closer!’ So we got into a bit of an argument over whether I was lying to them or not.  Of course I won, but I was bothered with that.  Winning felt like losing because I felt more hoosier than they.  They who say ‘warsh'(wash), ‘erl'(oil), and ‘tarlet'(toilet) to name a few.  Sure accents don’t mean everything, but those are fairly strong country accents.  Not to mention I know most of them fairly well after 5 years, and know that they are indeed from the country. Harumph. I guess I will just have to accept it.  The tragic end of my city-ish facade.

Another thing that has crossed my mind in the light of many different bits ‘o news is death.  Death is never ending.  We will all always experience it at one time or another.  So why should we fear it?  I know a lot of it has to do with ending a life feeling unaccomplished, but I am willing to bet that even the person who lived to be 114 had a thing or two that they wished they could have done.  I dunno.  I don’t worry much about it at all.  My only worry would be that my son had a good situation to go into if something tragic were to happen.  Well at least as good as could be expected under the circumstances.  Once again, may never know.  Death doesn’t really affect me.  That may sound cold and callous, but the worst thing that happens afterwards is when you think ‘I wonder what so-and-so is up to..’ and then it hits. That random thought, that random pang there to bring you back to reality.  Some people you even forget what they looked like, but conversations you had are still crystal clear.  Some you forget everything but a face.  It is all fairly fascinating the ways that our minds piece information together, especially when knowing that there will be nothing more about said person added to it.

Hm. Either way something I’ve been thinking about.  Just rambling, maybe not even terribly cohesive, but I just drove for 3 hours after having ran all over and playing today, so I will allow myself to ramble.

One last thing. I need to get a story finished for the Writers of the Future contest.  I have 3 weeks, and am not terribly satisfied with any of the stories that I have that have any decent length to them.  Need to do some major work on them.  I know that I can keep submitting things, and maybe shouldn’t get hopes up too high since this will be first contest and I just decided to work towards it a week ago… but well I have high standards for myself.  So I either need to work on a story about a character who uses blood magic(which is part of a cooperation with a great friend and fellow author), a story about a really nice guy that wants to help people although the nature of how he is able to help people sets others on edge and makes them unwilling to accept help, or just a good ol zombie comedy. Decisions.

Well with that..

Rawr. Time for my son’s bed time, to watch Game of Thrones, and to do some mother effing writing.