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To The Unavailable

This is a little on the whiny or personal side so if you don’t want that, feel free to skip over this post.  There is your disclaimer.


Dear (any number of names here),

You were once a part of my life.  I remember the good times and the bad.  Please know that this is the proverbial you, not one person in mind, but multiple.  As Trent Reznor once said “You’re so vain I bet you think this song is about you”.  I don’t know why I still lament over things lost or things that could have been.  I suppose it is because of the good times that were had.  I grew up looking up to you.  I grew up with the naivete that a family’s love is unconditional, further strengthened by your words of love and praise and claiming to always be there.  I thought that those were true words spoken.  Then life happened.  I grew up.  I made choices that you couldn’t approve of and so instead of showing your support you left me hanging.  There are many choices made that I regret, but not those that pushed you away.  Some left because I got married.  Some left because I couldn’t believe in their god.  Others left due to my needing a relationship with my father.  I don’t personally feel that any of those were grounds to leave my life.  I find it sad truly, especially the last one.  That after 26 years of my being alive, there are those that still can’t bury the hatchet of things in the past and get over their hatred of each other.  To be so arrogant as to insist that I ignore a relationship with a man I had only begun to know.  How can I know who I am if I don’t know where I come from?  How can I know a story with half of the book ripped out?  I can’t.  As I said, I don’t know why I still let things like this get to me.  It just kind of hit last night.  Thinking about those I would love to share my son with.  To let them see how great he is, how much he looks like me at that age.  The things he can do.  His smile.  And yet when you had the opportunity to exit my life you did, without so much as a backward glance.  That there are those who were once such a pivotal point in my life who still have never seen my son(their nephew, great grandson, or even just a friend) is sad to me.  I know that it is they who are truly missing out but… it still pulls at me sometimes.  I did what I could to rekindle some of the relationships, and yet they couldn’t get past their hate of other people in my life or past their religion long enough to want a relationship still.  So really by typing this I am hoping to allow some of those feelings out.  I’m hoping that I can let some of you go as cleanly as you let me go.  And for a little bit of the bitterness now.  I wish that those who enjoyed the time with me and passed on were still around and that those who choose to be without my family and I in their lives could have taken their place.  A little less negativity in my life and a little more joy.  As I said.. I know this was a whiny post but dammit it’s my blog and I get to say what I want.  Be happy that I didn’t go into full detail.  Would have been a bit more sad/whiny/angry then.  There are many things I keep bottled up as I’m sure everybody does.  It simply feels good to let a little bit out every now and again.  Sorry that this wasn’t life changing or a great insight or anything like that.  I simply wish that those who walked when the option was given are happy in their lives.  I’m trying to be happy in mine.


Your Old Pal Al

I will now step down from my mini soap box.  I hope all of you are having a fantaaaaaaaaaaastic day/week/month/year.  It’s beautiful outside.  Enjoy life.


Part 2 of 3: Nerd Rage and Sexism

Well, having pretty well fully threshed out my feelings on having carnal relations whilst time traveling in my previous post, time to move on to the next part of pent-up randomness.

Now then. Nerd Rage.  Ok I want to start things off by saying that I love Star Wars.  I can’t explain why, I just always have.  I have always enjoyed the piss out of it yet disliked Star Trek.  Once again, no discernible reason at all, it just is what it is.  That being said I did watch the 4th season premiere of Clone Wars the other day.  I was a week or two late so sue me.  I couldn’t enjoy the episode.  The episode took place on the planet Dac.  I don’t remember if that is what they called it in the show, but it is the true name of the Mon Calamari home-world so take it and like it.  Now for those who are not nerdy the Mon Calamari are an amphibious race although their planet is almost entirely covered with water.  Why they are amphibians if the need to be so never really arose who knows but they are.  That isn’t important and I’ve gotten off track though. Their planet is watery and all their cities are under water.  There is a war and the Jedi and the Republic all show up to help.  They simply throw on some futuristic scuba gear and commence to throw science down the drain.  They go under water and all of their equipment works just as perfectly as it does on land.  A light saber works perfectly fine under water…  Does that bother anybody else as bad as it bothered me?  These are swords that can cut through almost anything given the proper amount of time.  They are pretty well pure ‘cut the fuck out of anything in the way’ otherwise known as ‘manliness’ in a blade form.  How can they be on under water and not be super-heating or causing the water around them to boil?  It had me almost frothing with rage.  Please excuse that.

Another fun thing is sexism.  It can be so abundant at times.  My work place is really bad about it.  There are certain things the men do and certain things the women do.  That is that.  If one or the other crosses the line people get very touchy.  They also get very touchy if you don’t perform one of your tasks that is believed to be yours simply because your giblets dangle a little bit more.  One of the tasks that has been delegated to guys is to take out the trash.  Mostly this is because the majority of the women there are 50+ and haven’t taken the best care of themselves.  I would personally think there is a problem if you can’t go up/down 4 stairs without needing a 15 minute break just to catch your breath.  Maybe I am picky though.  Either way I was taking out the trash the other day and I missed a can, OK not a can but a small bucket.  One of the small 3-5 gallon trash bins.  Small is really what I’m trying to get across…  One of the ladies gives me grief with the “Oooh I see how it is, you can take out all of their trash but forget mine?”  I smiled and took the trash can and told her “Careful there, if you stay that impossible to please I might just have to marry you”  Asshole remark?  Yeah.  Did I laugh?  You bet your sweet arse I did.  Did the wife laugh when I told her?  Well.. not as much.  I got a slight smirk though and damnit I will take what I can get.

Along with that lovely bit, I also was trying to come up with ways to tell people to stop being so sensitive(although I admit maybe I’m the one at fault and am in fact not sensitive enough…) and came up with “Stop being so clitoral”  I was going to try and make clitoral sound different but most things related were already in use.  Who knew that clitical was actually a website?  I thought it worked better for my usage, but apparently it should be there to help you learn about lady bits and how to play mad DJ with them.  So maybe cliticate(clitoral and delicate in one)  Meh.  Plenty of time to work it to a nice Slapsgiving perfection.

Well I had more to say but I’m kind of falling asleep.  The other stuff is really cool, but I can just give it to you in link form I think.  Easy way out.  So… do some reading.

Found a new(to me) science news website.  They had some neat stuff on there, like the following:

Do peruse around.  Apparently I’m late to the game, the oldest article I could find was almost 2 weeks old!  How did it take so long to find?

I found this absolutely ridiculous

Also, could be nice if this went somewhere.  I’d like to call it rape if I had a penis forcibly shoved into me.  Alas it currently isn’t.  Now don’t go getting any ideas.. please..


That’s all that I will bombard you with for now.  It’s a lie, he is actually getting tired he is, going to sleep he actually is.  So have a great night.

In Which I Prepare to be Skewered Alive

Ok.  Disclaimer.  I sometimes have issues with my filter.  By sometimes, it is quite often, as in a lot, as in I have to constantly keep it on my mind to be a good boy and not say something that somebody may find offensive.  I don’t normally want for it to be mean, just funny, but I suppose my sense of humor is slightly skewed.  I am just your typical mid-west boy/man-child.  Grew up in a small town with a decent number of small minded people.  This does not mean that they were not good people, most were.  Most were fantastic.  It does mean that most weren’t particularly worldly.  Most knew what that area had to offer and were content with simply knowing that.

People that did not have much ambition other than to work in a restaurant, real estate, or catering to whatever tourism they could get.  Most went to the same church their entire life without blinking an eye.  A conservative, quiet, and if you are local a friendly people.  There are and will always be things I miss about the area, but it is not an area that I would want to live in again.  I am a bit of a black sheep as far as that area is concerned.  I am very open minded, very ambitious, want to go somewhere in life, atheist, and I suppose you could say liberal.  I do find religion highly interesting though.  I really have absolutely no problem with what anybody else believes as long as they don’t use that belief to infringe upon the happiness of others.  Believe in God, the invisible pink unicorn, the flying spaghetti monster, Buddha, Zeus, Thor, anybody and that is awesome.  Truly awesome.  The fact that you can have that belief is something that, being who/what I am, I do find fascinating.  Remarkable even.  Maybe I could even be a bit envious of it, but wouldn’t want you to know that eh?  So instead I believe in what I can.  I believe in my family.  I believe in being the best father I can and hopefully I can pull off at least mediocre husband.  I would shoot for higher, but I am a man.  One day I hope to even fully believe in myself.  It goes back and forth.  Kind of sin wave-ish.  Hopefully can believe in or at least acquire a bit more discipline.

That being said, with background and all, much more than you could ever want to know.  I will now prepare for the skewering.  Politics is not what you could call an interest of mine.  The lying, backstabbing, and blatant lies are fun to watch, but it always seems to me that the choice comes down to Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich as South Park pointed out.  You still have to make a choice though.  Without making a choice, you have no right to bitch about who did make it.  I have qualms about all of the candidates and even the current POTUSA.  He seems like a nice enough guy, but that is the problem.  He doesn’t really fight for anything.  He is timid.  I was pondering about that, and I hope this doesn’t sound overly racist, but I think it is because he isn’t white.  This is actually something more critical about whites, I feel.  Sure sure, make it about skin color.  The thing is though, that we whites are arrogant assholes.  Ask anybody who isn’t the same color as us.  We have a sense of entitlement.  We truly believe that we deserve everything that is given to us, and if we earn something, then twice as much should be given because of how awesome we are.  Mr. President has had to always play the negotiator and talk and do all he could to please other people to get his one-up.  He is still there.  Trying to please instead of taking the charge that he has earned.

I could be completely wrong.  It has happened many times before.  So, ream me.  I am ready.  Even used an enema so it is all clean.  Maybe just maybe I will try to get more coherent thoughts and do some research before I open my mouth.  That could be hoping an awful lot though.  Cheers mates.


Happy Labor day to all!  Hope that yours was as nice as mine has been.  Low 70’s, sun shining, breezy, getting paid not to work.  Can’t ask for a much better day!  Basic rundown of mine.  Woke up.  Fell back asleep.  Woke up again.  Fell back asleep.  Woke up once more. And back asleep.  Woke up for good thanks to the help of my child.  Played a bunch of video games.  Played outside.  Made chicken enchiladas. Did a bit of reading.  Doing a bit of writing now.  Well now and then now as in later.  Or something along those lines.

It being labor day and all, I got to thinking about… well.. labor.  The work kind, not the pushing a 5-18 pound thing out of your vagina kind.  Although that is work too I’m sure.  With life altering consequences even.  So thinking about working on labor day, I made the logical leap to what a good chunk of us were doing today, and that is in fact NOT working.  A bit ironic that I suppose.  Like losing your virginity on abstinence day.  Well really the exact opposite of that but I guess I’m splitting hairs.  After that leap, I got to thinking about this article I was reading the other day written by Dominic Tierney for The Atlantic.  Here is a snippet from that article:

Americans have a national ideology, and it’s called liberalism. This doesn’t mean we are left-wing, it means we believe in a set of principles rooted in the ideas of John Locke: democracy, limited government, republicanism, self-determination, the rule of law, equal opportunity, and free expression. To be American is not to claim a particular ethnicity, but to profess the liberal creed. The Declaration of Independence set out a promise of human rights and equality that many Americans assume is universally desired, and serves to unleash the potential of the human spirit.

For sure, we argue, sometimes violently, over the meaning of liberal principles and how to promote them. But remarkably few Americans question the basic assumptions. We are indoctrinated so profoundly that we don’t even realize we are ideologues. Liberalism just seems like the natural order of things.

Imagine a room full of Communists who are furiously debating the meaning of Marxist ideas. Shouting and screaming, the Communists would see themselves as deeply divided. But to an outsider, things might look very different: This is a room full of ideologues who all share the same basic view of the world.

With thinking about the not working for the day and that article I got to thinking about those who got shafted into having to work on Labor Day.  There is a decent list of them, and those of us who don’t have to work often times rub their noses in it not stopping to think that they are currently cooking the meal we are out eating right now.  Maybe a little fucking respect would be due?  One of the groups that has to work that does more than most while also making not that much to do it are the public servants: cops, firefighters, paramedics.  The main group I was focusing on were the officers though.  What if they got the day off just like the majority of us?  One day with the possibility of potentially no repercussions for doing whatever you wanted to do.  Nobody to enforce the laws put in front of us.  What would happen?  What do you think?

Personally I think that 98% of people would do nothing outside the norm.  They may speed a little bit more than they would normally, they may jaywalk, maybe illegally download more media, maybe engage in prostitution where it is not legal.  Little crimes like that.  Where the only person that really benefits is you, and there isn’t anybody that is harmed by your actions.  Unless you are particularly well-endowed I suppose.  I think very few people would actually take as full advantage of it as they could.  Part because it would only give them a few hours head start on the pursuit that would start the next day.  The other part because of that article.  Because of how ‘ideologically untied’ we are.  It is ingrained into most of us from the time we are small to do the right thing.  Some because of their religion, some simply because it is what we should do.  I could be wrong but I know that I would essentially act the same for that day.  A lot of it is simply because I don’t want to cause extra problems for those that I don’t know.  I wouldn’t want people screwing with my shizzle, why would I mess with theirs?  Unless their dog craps on my yard all the time;  if that is you then all bets are off.

So my janky philosophy of the…. year?  Who knows.  Guess we will see how much I feel like thinking.

I was at the gym earlier and used locker #99.  In my head I started thinking 99 lockers and my clothes in one.  Obviously to the Jay Z tune of.. 99 problems.  Do you think that song could have actually been the gay anthem of 2004?  Seemed like it would fit to me.  If you do have 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one?  You would either be single or gay I would think.  Sorry if this offends, but well, thoughts eh?  This does of course mean I in no way officially support all women being called bitches.  There are definite sweethearts out there. (Suck Up +20 points, now level 13)

Another bit of randomness.  George Carlin is dead.  Yeah.  I know that is old news.  I will always be much much more sad that Carlin died than Michael Jackson.  Carlin was amazing.  On that note there is a petition going around to get the 500 block of West 121 st where Carlin grew up to be renamed after him.  If you are interested…. HERE is the link to the petition.  Sign it. Or Don’t.

I also saw a good reminder for those who move things for friends in your truck.  It is a lesson that I learned when I was 17ish.  I wasn’t helping a friend, but instead was purchasing my first queen-sized bed.  I bought it about 30 minutes from home.  Went to pick it up, and used some cheap bungees to strap it down.  Once I hit 60 MPH the box springs went flying and bounced into the median of the road.  The bungee had snapped.  Oh snap!  So then drove with my hand out the back window holding the bed in place until I could get to Lowe’s and get actual good tie-down straps to make it all better.

What I saw today was worse than my folly, and from a few middle-aged men who should know better.  They had a queen bed and box springs in the back of their truck with a few other items, so that the bed was not even laying down flat.  They were going about 50MPH down the road, I was right behind them, it is as I said a very windy lovely day.  The wind caught the mattress and just chucked it out the back of the truck.  The mattress did a few somersaults until bouncing over the guard rail and sliding down a 10 foot ditch at a roughly 45 degree angle.  Sucks for them.  So when moving stuff. Tie it down.   A friendly reminder from your neighborhood geekdad

One last bit o’ news.  Germany can has Doom!  The government finally lifted the 17 year old ban on the game.  It is no longer as harmful to kids as pornography! Yay German kids for getting to be where we have been for a good long while now!


Take care kids!


Guess Who….

Has two thumbs and just got a 1st edition hardcover of  The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.  Yeah.  This guy.  Better yet, guess who just got it for 8 dollars.  Yeah.  Still me.  I almost got hard right there in the middle of the book store.  It is a new place that just opened today.  It took the place of where Borders was at our mall.  I was wandering through it, scoping out all that they had to offer and was fairly happy with the offerings when I came to the R’s.  There stood the Rothfuss books.  And right there, a hardcover.  A hardcover with the “Fabio” cover(you know what I mean if you are any sort of Rothfuss fan) so it immediately caught my eye.  I opened it to the Copyright page and BOOM 1st edition.  It made me almost as excited and happy as a new set of boobs that I haven’t seen before.   Probably more excited because I know what I’m going to get, and it is fantastic.  Sometimes new boobs don’t live up to the hype.  Sure they are boobs which are great.. but sometimes they just don’t end up how you pictured in your mind.  This book does.  Here is the “Fabio” cover for those uninformed…

So that is MY excitement for the day.  I also grabbed a few other books while I was there.  Two of them I have read already, but wanted the wife to read.  The other was one that I have had on my ‘To Be Read When His Gentlemanship Has Time’ list.  The first two are John Scalzi books:  The Androids Dream and Old Man’s War.  I have read both of them within the last year and thoroughly enjoyed both.  Old Man’s War is a great book for those who enjoy Sci-Fi action types but it also makes you think a bit.  The Android’s Dream is just all over the place.  I mean that in as good of a way as I can.  I enjoyed it.  I would say that it continues the spirit of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide books.  Not necessarily  the writing style itself, but definitely the feel.  There is a story to be had by the book, but he is going to make sure to give you plenty of distractions, laughs, and interesting characters along the way.  They are both really quick reads as well.  Damn.  I should review books for a living, you couldn’t get a more concise review from a British gent.

The last book that I picked up is Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I have meant to read this one for awhile.  I know I know, there are already 2 other books that follow it.  That should be it though.  Trilogy is what they are supposed to be I believe.  Knocking out a trilogy is no big deal.  I know that these books are put in the YA section, which is what makes me somewhat hesitant.  I have gotten sucked into reading some of the other YA series and haven’t always had the best of experiences.  On the other hand, I have heard from 2 or 3 other people(whose opinion I can trust as far as books go) that tell me they are fantastic.  So I’ve battled with reading it.  Ok, maybe not with the reading itself, but for sure the priority.  When you have a reading list that grows by 3 for every 1 that you finish, some things will get pushed around.  Now I have a physical copy though, so maybe something will happen.  Although that hasn’t helped some other books chances.  There just isn’t enough time in the day.

Also I watched the movie Paul tonight.  Geeks everywhere should watch it.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Nothing really deep or anything, but a good ride nonetheless.

Not a whole lot else going on today.  Just played a lot of Lego Batman with my son.  He loves the piss out of the Lego games.  I’m not sure exactly what does it for him, if it is the switching out characters on free play, unlocking and buying of characters, or just the fact that 80% of the environment is destroyable.  Either way, they are fun quick games.


So that’s my blog for the after midnight hours.  At times I stop to think about why I started this blog.  Then I tell myself to shut up.  Sometimes there is smacking involved.  There doesn’t have to be a reason to have it, other than to get randomness out of my head.  If I trip into something deep, cool.  Other than that, it is very much just a stream of thought writing.  Although I suppose I could start throwing some How To’s or something along those lines in.  Impart some of the knowledge I have accumulated on various subjects.  Not a lot of knowledge mind you, but some.  I suppose we will see.  Setting goals can be fun.  Although sometimes the fun is just seeing how fast you fly by them without stopping to remember.  Either way.  Good night to my 1 reader.

Not Sure

You ever see an idea that you just don’t know how to feel about?  It sucks.  Inevitably you end up thinking that it could definitely be cool.  Then it comes out, and sucks big ol’ floppy donkey balls or at least something in that general area.  One that I just saw involves my all-time favorite merc with a mouth.  Of course I speak of Deadpool.  All other mercs are only the zit puss on his ass.  So here it is…


So there it is. Evil Deadpool.  Although one post I read mentioned it as Foolkiller, I’m not sure about that considering the history of Foolkiller.  I mean the criminally insane part would fit I suppose.  If so, he needs to have found a special laser pistol that can incinerate peoples.  Apparently the story behind this is that a bunch of Deadpool’s limbs that have been hacked off over time get together to form a new Deadpool, much like a starfish kind of.  The only thing is is that apparently they have lost all semblance of having a conscience.  So I could see some super ultra happy killy-mckillerton time.  Deadpool has never gone full-on destructo mode.  There have been a few really good moments, but there were always limits to what he would do.  Ok, maybe not what, but at least to who he would do it to, normally.  So with that there, I think hell yeah, go ape shit! Kill some mo’fo’s Yeah! But then I think, it’s Marvel, which is owned by Disney now. So what could be a badass arc of awesomeness will instead be turned into a having to go to a ballet recital for a girl you are trying to score with because her daughter is in it, but it turns out when you leave that she is a crazy cat lady who is still in love with her baby daddy and you have no chance ever of getting off with her as you once hoped.  I guess I could just say it will kill your hopes faster than an unwanted baby on prom night.  I dunno.

So there’s that. Deadpool. My non-hero hero.

On the note of Deadpool, I must also do a quick ‘Seriously people, WTF?’ moment.  For looking at my search terms of what bring people to my page, one turns up more frequently than most.  That search term is ‘sex with deadpool’ or some variation thereof.  Now I have talked of sex on my blog, and I have talked of Deadpool on my blog at least once… but never together.  And I must say that it is a bit disturbing.  I can understand sex with many of the heroes, villains, mutants, robots, cripples, or even bald people of the comic universe.  Deadpool, I just don’t see.  Maybe it is for those who are into BDSM.  It makes me think of the box that Deadpool put Blind Al and Weasel in.  Lots of ways to get hurt.  But if that is your pleasure.. hmm..

And now… Something else.

Smiles.  I enjoy smiles most of the time.  A great smile with a gorgeous set of teeth behind it do wonders.  I can’t say they do as much for me as eyes, but they are fairly important as well.  I smile a lot.  It has become more of a reflex than anything.  I smile a lot. As I said.  This makes people feel more at ease around me I suspect.  Or at least I am a really nice, amicable, friendly type of guy.  The thing is though, that smile that I wear half the time is purely there for aesthetic purposes.  I have learned to hide oh so many things under a smile.  You could be telling me about how cute your cat was when it was barking like a dog until you looked at it, and it meowed and then came down to snuggle and act all innocent.  I am smiling and nodding and maybe even laughing, but underneath that I am thinking about punching your cat in the face.  So while a smile may make a person seem more friendly, you should probably question the quality of that friendship.  This is doubly so if the ‘smiler’ holds some sort of management position and you feel inclined to open up to them about some freaky shit.  They may giggle and say weird while you are there, and then be trying to get you fucking fired immediately thereafter.

So yeah. I can be a Bastard(yeah, with a capital B), but at least I look friendly while doing it?  The real killer is when you tell somebody straight up, when they say they don’t know who they can trust, and you tell them to trust nobody, not even you.  They giggle and think you are joking.  I look them straight in the eye and say, “I am an _________” that blank may be filled with a few choice words such as: asshole, bastard, dickhead, piece of shit, turd bucket, cunt, or even nice guy.  All are true to a degree depending on the day.

There you go, take everything I say with a grain of salt or shot of penicillin.  There are a few people that I am true to, and I would do all that I could for them.  Honestly.  There is no smile this time.  The people that I feel that much loyalty to could probably be counted on one hand, however.

Well I suppose that is enough in the way of self truths for right now.  What I really need to do is go put at least a 1000 words into writing  a story.  What would help even more is if it was on a story that I had previously started, and could bring it ever so closer to completion.  For whatever reason that completion just seems out of reach for most any story.  Starting a new idea.. Hell YEAH! Writing more into it.. SWEET! Realizing that I need to finish it.. Um… damn.  That is me problem. Hopefully I can get past it and come to completion.  I understand finishing is a fairly phenomenal feeling.







Hells Bells I’m Lazy

So even though I haven’t posted anything in a few days to put it modestly, I have actually been somewhat busy.  Mainly work, some family stuff, some arguments, some time with child, and some stuff of the carnal nature.  Been starting to feel the itch to write again, which is amazing.  Have been battling this super awesomely long bout of depression, so feeling much of anything has been kind of tough.  No, I won’t whine and cry and say life is so horrible.  That’s not it at all.  It’s been something that has always been there on and off.  Lately it has just been more on.  Not gonna kill me, myself, or somebody important, not gonna cry and cut myself.  Mainly I just try to act like nothing has happened and put on a smile for everybody.  Healthy, right?  The tell-tale sign though is that I have accomplished nothing.  Not a damn thing.  There is actually another author who put up a great(relatively speaking) blog about his own battle with depression.  It can be found HERE.

His name is Scott Lynch and he has so far had 2 books published.  I have read and enjoyed both of them greatly.  They are The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies.  They are books that follow the shenanigans of one Locke Lamora and his *ahem* merry band of thieves.  Now add in a bunch of sex, blood, cursing, and awesome witticisms and you have yourself a damn good book or two.  I have had a few friends that I had read the books as well.  The best thing that I can deduce is that you will either love or hate them.  There isn’t a whole lot of middle ground.  The first book does jump back and forth in the timeline quite a bit, I thought that it did it smoothly but I have heard that it wasn’t smooth to a friend or two.  So as long as you can handle some time jumping and cursing, then read them.  Hell, read them anyways!  It’s like Robin Hood meets Kevin Smith.

Another great few things that Scott Lynch has just put up are a few Ebay auctions.  The links to the 3(so far) auctions are HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Now the first 2 auctions have been set up to raise money for Planned Parenthood.  There have been a lot of budget cuts that have made getting help for people a lot harder, so he is doing what he can for them.  The last auction is for another author who unexpectedly passed away on June 2.  His name was Joel Rosenberg and this auction is to help his family.

Wow.  Kind of went on and on about him.  Kind of man crush.  Maybe a little gay I guess.  Oh well.  Good causes and a great author if my opinion counts at all.  And to me, well. Mine is the only one that truly matters, right?  Damn, I at least play the arrogant card good.

SOOOOooooo….. The countdown continues, only 6 days until we can all Dance With Dragons courtesy of George R.R. Martin.  You ready to have your ball hair burnt off?  I know that I am.  And then not too long after that we have Ghost Story from Mr. Jim Butcher himself.

I can’t really tell you which one I am more excited for.  I have read the first four chapters of Ghost Story off of Butcher’s blog.  I have to say that I am curious as a mofo as to just how the hell Dresden is going to continue on.  I could wrap my head around it when I thought this was all just immediately after Dresden’s death.  But now we find out that it has been 6 months?! Shiiiiit.  His body dun rotten fool.  So I must say I really want to read that and find out.  I hope that it is of decent length and does justice to Changes.  I hope that we at least find out if Dresden is going to stay dead or not in this book.  As long as that is resolved I will be happy.

On the other hand, Dance With Dragons.  I have been yearning to find out more of Tyrion’s tale for some time now.  I haven’t been waiting nearly as long as some of the diehard fanboys, seeing as I finished the last book less than a year ago.  Also I know that Daenerys is getting ready to f*** some bastards up.  Ok. I hope that will happen.  After A Feast for Crows, I really really hope that some things happen.  I wont bash Feast like many others did, it was still a good book.  That can’t be taken away from it.  The problem with it being a good book however, is that all of the books leading up to it were either great or fantastic.  So people were expecting that, and Feast didn’t deliver quite the UMPH that the other books did.  There were definitely some good parts, but all in all, about 1/10 of what normally happens in a Martin book happened.

Tyrion though, he be my man.  I can not wait for his story.  So 6 days.  Woohooooo.  I even think that they did a pretty respectable job on turning Martin’s books into The Game of Thrones series.  There were inconsistencies, sure, but when compared to other adaptations like, oh, True Blood for example, I would have to say they were extremely moderate.  I still can’t believe how far off the deep end that show has gone.  It is beyond silly at this point.  I have read all but the latest of the Charlaine Harris books.  They are far superior to the farce that has become the show.  So. Yeah. Take that. Nyah! (That was me sticking my tongue out by the way)

Well shit.  I can’t really say that I feel like blabbing on much more.  There is a bit more going on in my head right now, but I need to do some more thinking and even some actual damn writing before I go there. So best to sort things out before it is just another random blurb.  But then again… this is my own damn blog so take it and like it.


Night all.