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Game of thrones drinking game



Another Second-Minute-Hour-Day-Sheisse

***Note** I have started and stopped this blog many times over the course of the last 2 weeks.  Soo if it seems jumbled or I repeat something already said… well my bad… So enjoy some of past me..

Yeah.  A week again already.  Where the hell is time going?  Seriously?!  I have  a few things that I’ve wanted to share for a  few days.  Alas those days have slipped away.  Like the sands in the hourglass; these are the days of your lives.. Nuh nuh nuuuuuuh. So something that has been sucking a bit of my time is an MMO for Android/Iphone.  It is called Order and Chaos and is pretty addicting.  It is essentially WoW lite.   I have watched friends lose any semblance of the sun ever touching their skin after being introduced to WoW.  This isn’t that bad.  Maybe because I’m older and haaaaaaave to(whiny voice) leave and work.  Or whatever other reason.  There are plenty of people in my guild that seem to be on no matter what time of the day it is though.  Maybe  I just don’t have that addictive of a personality if it doesn’t have boobs in it.  Maybe we will never know.  But it is fun.  Here are some screen shots that I stole off of mainly because I was too lazy to take my own.

Now a few random thoughts.  These have built up over a week or so as well.  Not all are current, but it shouldn’t matter to you.  It just might mean I don’t remember everything I had to say about them.  Wouldn’t be the first time ever.

Some thoughts on clothes.  I was shopping the other day and there were some robes on sale.  Down to something like 8 bucks when they had been 30 or 40.  So I thought Hey, this one even matches my sleep pants.  Why not?  Then another trail of thought entered my head, well a few actually.  My son is 4 now and he notices things like nudity now.  I used to love sleeping naked, but when a child joins you in bed it just sort of loses a bit of the appeal.  Especially whenever he uses your scrotum to pull himself up onto the bed.  It only takes one time of that happening for pants to sound fantastic.  The Why Not slowly started to form in my eyes.  I run warm.  I prefer to have as little clothes on as possible when wandering around the house due to this.  The problem that formed was that if I wear the robe, most likely I won’t want to wear pants with it.  I don’t know that I want to be that dad with balls hanging out all over.  So I decided against the robe.

Another clothing thing, related to the first one, is that I am tired of buying clothes based on how well I think they will hide a sweat stain.  It makes me sick.  I know it isn’t all that pleasing to hear either, but well, I get to say what I want. So… nyah!  I’ve tried pretty well everything other than the surgery for sweaty peoples.  Have used probably 35 different antiperspirants including the prescription strength.  Uuuuugh.  That’s all really.

Thoughts thoughts thoughts.  How paranoid are you?  Do you worry alot about bad things happening to you?  Lock the door no matter what?  Lock the car?  Watch your back all the time?  My wife and I balance each other out in that regard.  I am pretty laid back and have this horrible optimism of people that won’t die out.  There is a big chunk of me that wants to believe that people will generally try to do the right thing, even though time and again it’s been torn to bits.  My wife on the other hand is not so naive.  I think it comes from her dad probably, but they always assume the worst in people and can have trouble making friends due to that.  I didn’t realize how engrained in her it was to be that way though until we moved the other day.  We were literally moving across the street and just carrying armfuls of stuff over and every single time that we went from one apartment to the other even if coming right back, CLUNK went the deadbolt.  I laughed and made fun of her, because that is what I do.  Fun things you realize about people even though you have been together for 8-9 years.  Like I didn’t know until a week ago that she likes sweet potatoes.

Now this last bit is a dream I had the other day.  It.. was disturbing.  I know I speak of dreams often, but this one actually had me wake up gagging.  I’m torn on even speaking of it.  It isn’t exactly family friendly.  Hm.  I will leave it up to you.  If somebody wants to hear it I shall speak of it, if not then only shall I be haunted by it.  That is really all for this one.  Good Morrow.


A game coming out in just a little over a week.  It looks pretty sweet methinks.  I like that they aren’t trying to fool you with saying it is an all new type of game.  The creators are very direct in saying that there are elements from all sorts of games that are brought together to make this one.  Rich story, Rich quests, Rich fighting.  One of the reviewers decided that he did not want to do quests, that he only wanted to hack and slash his way through different areas.  He was able to play for 2 weeks straight and still not run out of stuff.  That is pretty massive.  What else is cool is that this entire game sets up the world so that when the MMO for the game comes out in the near future, you have learned  a lot already.  There will be DLC too(which I know many people hate) but it isn’t just to do a quest here or there, the DLC will actually bridge the two games.  Either way, check it out!

On Helping Others

Do you enjoy helping people?  What about strangers?  How far would you go for somebody you just met?  I bet that most people wouldn’t go as far as they once would.  Too many people have been spurned or seen others hurt when trying to help.  People getting robbed when trying to help a stalled vehicle.  Doctors getting sued when making the decision that saved your life, but since it was done without consent too bad.  I was recently at a Sports Clips getting my hair cut (no, not a sports person but they use tea tree shampoo and do scalp massages and send out lots of coupons sooo I go) and this guy came in with his wife and three children.  He has a nice full head of hair that he is obviously proud of and yet he tells the beautician to shave it all off.  She wasn’t sure how to feel about that and didn’t want to be blamed when he didn’t like it, so she inquired as to why he wanted it shaved off.  Turns out his 2 year old daughter was just diagnosed with leukemia and started treatment already so her hair was starting to fall out.  He wanted to go through that with her.  He said he knew it wasn’t any where near what she was having to go through, but that he wanted to do whatever he could to show support for her.  I thought that was pretty damn sweet.  There were quite a few people in there wiping at their eyes.  Obviously all had gotten a hair in them like I did.  It’s amazing the bond you can feel with a complete stranger when it has to do with their children.  That complete devotion to another being.  Knowing that you would do the same for your child.  Wishing that you could do something to help, but not daring to offer for the fear of how hollow it would sound.  I dunno.  I think about helping people a lot.  I thoroughly enjoy helping those when I can.  I have a horrible streak of optimism in people that I couldn’t begin to tell you where it comes from.  I always want to believe that people have good intentions.  That helping them will actually mean something and they wont forget about you five seconds later.  It is tough to do at times though.  It is sad the kind of glares you get just holding the door open for people sometimes.  Or offering to put their cart away for them.  Seeing if they need help carrying something.

So yeah.  That’s about it.  Been doing lots of thinking.  Patrick Rothfuss put up a great blog about resolutions the other day that can be found HERE.  Got me thinking a lot about my time management and hoping that I am doing enough with my son.  I try to fit as much into a day as I can, but you can only do so much for so long and then you are all out of gogo juice.  I think I hit that wall the other day.  I’ve just been exhausted.  There have been many days that I needed to wake up and get to work a little earlier to try and get more done and it just hasn’t happened.  I haven’t gotten hardly any writing done in well over a month.  I have still been doing a bit with writing code or at least learning what I can about it.  I even had an interview yesterday for a programming job.  I don’t fell all that great about how the interview went but we shall see.  If not good, it would be the first interview that I have ever done where I didn’t get the job.  Normally once I get in to talk to somebody I charm their pants right off(even if talking out of my ass, but I didn’t get in there yet was just a phone interview yay bureaucracy).  It would be nice if I got the job, a lot closer to home and a challenge and learning stuff, but you have to be realistic about these things.  There are a lot of people applying and I’m sure most of them have a lot more experience than I do.  That is really how I have been spending my time.  Dividing it up between child, code, wife, video games, and keeping up with TV shows I enjoy(breaking bad, shameless, white collar, justified, some cartoons, big bang theory, and others).  I realize the last bit may not be the most effective use of time, but it can be used to knock out time with the wifey too so double score.

I was clearance shopping at Target the other day since there is a crapload of stuff they want to get rid of.  So I was walking down the massive toy aisle that is all clearanced out and I start to feel a little gurgle down below.  I was the only one in the aisle at the time so I decided to see what the gurgle was all about and let a fart sneak out.  I then promptly vacated the aisle with tears in my eyes.  I hung around the area though out of curiosity.  Along came a line of clearance shopping ladies right down the aisle.  They suffered through the fart to look at the clearance.  The look on their faces was amazing.  That is how I know I will never be as hardcore as a woman looking for a deal.  I would never have stood and suffered through that fart.

When I was leaving I got more of a laugh.  I suppose this may be slightly in bad taste, so there’s your warning.  Either way the cart attendant there has Down Syndrome.  I would have to say he was probably mid-twenties and he was out just doing his thing gathering carts when the Team Lead for the night called out to him that he needed to clock out in five minutes.  The cart attendant was probably about 5’4″ and Grimace-shaped(as tends to be the case) and the Team Lead was a 6′ big african american guy.  So he tells the attendant that he needs to clock out in five minutes.  The attendant gets pouty and says “I don’t wanna!” and starts to go get more carts.  The BBTL instantly turns into daddy mode and yells at the cart attendant just like any father would his kid.  He hollers out to the kid “Brian! You get over here right now!”  The down boy hunkers down and pouts more and waddles over to the guy.  BBTL continues “Brian when I tell you that you got to clock out you do it! You understand me boy?!  I don’t wanna hear any lip out yo mouth, got it?”  The kid just kind of nods his head and walks off to act like he is clocking out and then goes out the front door to get more carts.  Maybe it was just one of those ‘have to be there’ things but the cashier and I were just rolling.


So yeah.  Quite some time without a post and that already brings you up to date from what I can think of off the top of my head.  Oh other than I moved.  That was fun.  Last weekend.  Found out at 5:30 on Friday the 13th that I could switch out to a bigger apartment for not that much more a month with no transfer fee.  The only catch was that I had to move that weekend.  So the son got to spend the night with one of his friends and I got to run back and forth across the street(literally across the street and up a flight of stairs) to get everything moved before Monday because that was the time limit I was given.  That was fun!  Luckily I had a couple friends that volunteered to help.  Without them I doubt it would have gotten done.  Or maybe it would have been done but there would definitely have been some drag marks on some of the furniture ha.


Toodles for now.  Will try not to be so lazy in the near future.

A Thought at Bedtime

Why hasn’t somebody come up with a mathematical equation for determining your child’s bedtime?  Is it possible? I suppose if it is your child than it mostly is instinctual.  For everybody else though…. Maybe I should take it upon myself.  Hmmm…
The number of times you have to repeat yourself times the number of hours it has been since a nap.  Now take that result and if A) the child has had supper multiply by four B) the child has not had supper multiply by two.  The closer you get to 100 the more it is definitely that special time.  Now there are special circumstances wherein you don’t even have to think about it.
1) No nap. This means that by the time you suspect they may be tired, it is actually 3 hours past the time they should be sleeping.
2) If sick.  Of course they are crabby  you would be too.  Now give them some damn snuggles and ice cream.  Not necessarily in that order either. 
3) Company is visiting. Give up now.  It will be at least
3 hours after you believe it too be bedtime before your kid(s) even lay down. Add 1.5 hours after that for when you get to start your bedtime.

I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting.  Also the math may not be sound.  Just made it all up.  Also I’m half asleep.  Please feel free to point out my mistakes and laugh.  I shall do the same.  Then promptly make a farty face at you.  Unless you are particularly rude.  Then you get real fart.

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Good night Missouri


That’s all.  Was just an amazing sunset.  One that I feel a picture would never properly do justice.  Please accept this as a ‘best I can do’. 
Another day gone but one well spent,
Shopping and to the park we went,
Spent two hours in the sun,
Running, chasing, and giggling with my son,
Now for some reason a poem I want to write,
Maybe inspired by the dirty oven I did fight,
So here I sit reflecting on moments from the past,
Hoping that this moment of inspired worrying will last,
Now I know it is nothing overly deep,
Nor do I expect my rhyming to make you weep,
So look upon the gorgeous sunset,
And may that be what makes your eyes wet.

So yeah, 3 minutes spent writing that. On my phone even.  Scary thing was my brother called right at the end.  Thought I was going to lose all my lame work.  Well good night dearies.

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Pet Peeves


This is one. Can you spot it?  Will hopefully get a real post up tomorrow.  Have one ready to be typed, but it seems as tho as soon as I touch my laptop my attention is magically needed elsewhere.  Using my phone right now. It is a secret loophole in the system

PS. I’m still really aggravated at being unable to do something nice/chivalrous/gentlemanly without it being thought that I’m only doing it cause I want in the girl’s pants.  Why must women-folk kill chivalry?  If I did nice things to every person who I thought it would be fun to be in their pants, I wouldn’t have time for a job or family. I do nice things when I think somebody could use the help. End of story.

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