Another Quick Thing

I’ve been meaning to put a link to THIS ARTICLE up for a few days now.  If you go by the time stamp on the article at least 4.  So shame on me.  Either way.  It is an article about a new use for lasers.  That if you have brown(or I would assume green as well) eyes that you can have the melanin burned away and turn them blue.  The only problem is that the effect is permanent.  So you better be sure.  I think that is pretty wicked.  I would be interested in doing it.  Only to one eye though.  I think one bright blue and one brownish-greenish-goldish-with a red circle outside the iris would be pretty cool to have.  Mostly because you would always have people off guard.  Could get away with more shenanigans because people would be sitting there thinking about how weird it is you have two different colored eyes.

Wonder if you can have designs burnt in?  Maybe have a blue smiley…?


What do YOU think? Creepy or cool?

    • brittany
    • November 8th, 2011

    That’s amazing!

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