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One of these things….

Is just like the other.  Only difference is a bigger screen for it to debut on.  Unless you are really loaded I suppose. I have watched the whole first season of Wilfred(on FX not Aussie version) and was entertained for most all of it.  I look forward to the next season.  It’s just weird that it starts and Seth Macfarlane’s Ted movie comes out the same month.  Nothing against Seth Macfarlane, he is funny and can do some voices, but I feel like I’ve already seen most of his jokes.  It’s hard for me to get excited for this movie even though it appears to have a few good smirk moments.  Then again there is only one season of Wilfred for me to have watched and gotten tired of and more along the lines of… 8 seasons of Family Guy( I don’t know if that is right and am too lazy to look right now so nyah) or even American Dad or Cleveland Show.  They are all mostly the same.  It’s kind of like Tool, A Perfect Circle, or Puscifer.  The music is a bit different, but ultimately you are listening to get at Maynard’s voice and lyrics.  Either way enjoy. … Do you look forward to either?





and a bonus Australian clip of Wilfred.  I really need to watch the original version more…..


If any of you ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender(no not the horrible movie but the cartoon series)  then you may have heard about the follow up trilogy that is in the works.  The first two episodes leaked online.  I watched them(all it takes is a simple search for Korra leaked episodes on google for those unused to using a search engine) and I must say I am excited and interested in seeing where they take the series.  The world has changed quite a bit since the time of Aang the avatar.  He brought the nations together and formed a capitol city named creatively enough Republic City.  The nations working together has changed the face of the world quite a bit.  It is far less feudal and almost in a steampunkish era.  Do look into finding the episodes and watching them, I strongly recommend it.  The first episode is a little rushed I felt, but it seemed to slow down and start worrying a bit more about the story in the second one.  They apparently just wanted to get as much of the introduction stuff out of the way as possible in the first episode.  One thing that I found really neat were the metalbenders.  They were only shown in an official capacity(as the police) but I really enjoyed what they did with the metalbending.  They were essentially a mix of Iron Man and Spiderman.  Here are some pictures from the episodes. …. Toodles.

If you watch them, let me know what you think.

Local radio station has a photo caption contest going on to win tickets to a local concert. I think mine is best but I may be a little biased. Enjoy.

POPE BENEDICT THE SIXTEENTH made his first-ever trip to Mexico.  As he drove in the Popemobile through a crowd in Silao, Mexico, he put on a SOMBRERO.  The crowd loved it.  He looks . . . uncomfortable…..which is odd……you would think he’d be used to wearing silly hats. We asked you to come up with a CAPTION. Listeners voted and the winner is…………….

“For the 100th time, NO, I CANNOT turn your water into tequila!!”

Congrats to TOM SLICK! He won himself a pair of 2 DAY PASSES TO POINTFEST!

Thanks for all your votes!!

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Tenacious D Hath Returneded

I’m not 100% sure how I feel, but I hope for fantastic shenanigans.  They have had a few really good songs in the past, but it has been some time.  Do they still have it?  I suppose we will know in May.  You can listen to a song from the album on their website and the video is there as well.  I hope that there is some amazingness in this.  I have been disappointed too many times by comedians that find hollywood and end up losing what made them funny(Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, to name a couple)  I remember when they were funny and now….. bleh..  Sorry to anybody that still subscribes to their humor.



To The Unavailable

This is a little on the whiny or personal side so if you don’t want that, feel free to skip over this post.  There is your disclaimer.


Dear (any number of names here),

You were once a part of my life.  I remember the good times and the bad.  Please know that this is the proverbial you, not one person in mind, but multiple.  As Trent Reznor once said “You’re so vain I bet you think this song is about you”.  I don’t know why I still lament over things lost or things that could have been.  I suppose it is because of the good times that were had.  I grew up looking up to you.  I grew up with the naivete that a family’s love is unconditional, further strengthened by your words of love and praise and claiming to always be there.  I thought that those were true words spoken.  Then life happened.  I grew up.  I made choices that you couldn’t approve of and so instead of showing your support you left me hanging.  There are many choices made that I regret, but not those that pushed you away.  Some left because I got married.  Some left because I couldn’t believe in their god.  Others left due to my needing a relationship with my father.  I don’t personally feel that any of those were grounds to leave my life.  I find it sad truly, especially the last one.  That after 26 years of my being alive, there are those that still can’t bury the hatchet of things in the past and get over their hatred of each other.  To be so arrogant as to insist that I ignore a relationship with a man I had only begun to know.  How can I know who I am if I don’t know where I come from?  How can I know a story with half of the book ripped out?  I can’t.  As I said, I don’t know why I still let things like this get to me.  It just kind of hit last night.  Thinking about those I would love to share my son with.  To let them see how great he is, how much he looks like me at that age.  The things he can do.  His smile.  And yet when you had the opportunity to exit my life you did, without so much as a backward glance.  That there are those who were once such a pivotal point in my life who still have never seen my son(their nephew, great grandson, or even just a friend) is sad to me.  I know that it is they who are truly missing out but… it still pulls at me sometimes.  I did what I could to rekindle some of the relationships, and yet they couldn’t get past their hate of other people in my life or past their religion long enough to want a relationship still.  So really by typing this I am hoping to allow some of those feelings out.  I’m hoping that I can let some of you go as cleanly as you let me go.  And for a little bit of the bitterness now.  I wish that those who enjoyed the time with me and passed on were still around and that those who choose to be without my family and I in their lives could have taken their place.  A little less negativity in my life and a little more joy.  As I said.. I know this was a whiny post but dammit it’s my blog and I get to say what I want.  Be happy that I didn’t go into full detail.  Would have been a bit more sad/whiny/angry then.  There are many things I keep bottled up as I’m sure everybody does.  It simply feels good to let a little bit out every now and again.  Sorry that this wasn’t life changing or a great insight or anything like that.  I simply wish that those who walked when the option was given are happy in their lives.  I’m trying to be happy in mine.


Your Old Pal Al

I will now step down from my mini soap box.  I hope all of you are having a fantaaaaaaaaaaastic day/week/month/year.  It’s beautiful outside.  Enjoy life.

The Motherf***ing Pterodactyl

Hilarious video by the oatmeal