In Which I Say Ni!

Ni!  See.  Told you I would say it.  And that’s my post.

Nah, not really.  How about a fun Tuesday story?  Those are always fun right?  So this morning I was driving to work.  Oh so excited as per norm.  The odd bit was that I had the radio on.  Whilst listening to the radio the two dj’s started talking about a recent survey about what men actually prefer as far as hair color is concerned.  Survey said that men actually prefer women with darker hair.  Something along the lines of 60% for Black/Brunette.  22% for Blonde, and only 8% for redheads.  They then went on to talk about their wives and how they don’t even know the true color that their wives’ hair should be since it is colored so often.  One dj ends up telling the other that he should just check his wife’s pubes, that will tell him her true hair color.  The second dj informs the first that his wife has hardwood flooring down there so no dice. They continue on giggling and start a song.  I text them while the song is playing, since their logic didn’t quite work for me.  I informed them that I am a brunette with a ginger’s pubes.  It’s true by the way.  They actually interrupted the song that was playing laughing as one told the other that somebody texted in, well what I texted in, and that they had never heard of such a thing.

Sure, not much substance, but it made me giggle.  I realize I should have also texted back to them that I am a 350 Biker Bottom Bitch with 6 teeth.  May have turned the giggles to whimpers, or maybe I am just a screwy in the head.

Other than that, not a lot interesting.  I have been doing a bit of reading.  Even watched a movie or two.  As far as reading goes, my recent favorite is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  It was a fantastic book.  Really a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the geek’s soul.  Best summary I can come up with is that it is a story set in 2040-2046 about an eccentric billionaire who is obsessed with the 80’s and is considered a god among video gamers dies.  When he dies, a video will plays and tells all gamers that whoever can find the Easter Eggs in his game first wins his 250 billion dollar company.  The 80’s come back in style and people go crazy trying to find the eggs.  Great fun and 80’s references follow.

For those of you(like me) who were unfamiliar with Ernest Cline, it is because this is his first novel.  It is not, however, his first work.  He also wrote the script for the movie Fanboys.  So chances are, if you enjoyed that, you will enjoy his novel as well.  You should check out HIS WEBSITE and listen to some of the spoken word stuff as well, is pretty humorous, especially if you are geeky.  Truly great stuff.

I also have recently read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I do want to say that in my defense it has been on my “To Read” list for quite awhile now.  Long before I had even heard it was going to be a movie.  Promise.  I had just been putting it off because I wasn’t sure about it.  Seemed like an interesting premise, but it is classified as YA(young adult) and I have had some mishaps with other YA novels that let me down.  Mainly because they are written for, well, young adults.  Different people take that definition to mean different things.  So sometimes you read a book and it is there just to baby you and hold your hand.  That annoys me.  This book didn’t do that and it was actually fairly entertaining throughout the entire read.  I went ahead and got Catching Fire as well and am a quarter of the way through it.  Essentially, after the first book shit has hit the fan, and continue.  Those of you unfamiliar, it is basically a gladiator book where the contestants are 12-18 year old kids.  It is a bit more involved, but that is the gist.  And yes it is a bit bloody at times, but nothing major in my opinion.  Mainly it just messes with you that it is kids doing this.

Also over the weekend I went and watched Our Idiot Brother  It was a pretty decent movie, but don’t go to it expecting lots of laughs.  It was more of a lesson movie.  There were laughs in it, but it was more about teaching the importance of love and/or family.  The “oh our brother is a fucking idiot, but he taught us all that we should live better so now we love him” or “he may not be the brightest bulb but his heart glows with the heat of the sun itself” or something along those lines.  Like I said, I enjoyed it though.  Paul Rudd does quite the job methinks.  Kind of goes a little bit outside his norm, a bit deeper even.  So yeah.

That is all I have really.  Lots of randomness that is my life.

  1. I’m sorry, your erection kind of ruined it for me.

    I wish I loved anything as much as Ned loves Willie Nelson.

    I liked it because it came down to just being honest and truthful and everything will follow.

    • Brittany
    • August 30th, 2011

    so should I pay for idiot brother or wait for netflix?

    • Well that is completely up to you. I thought it was worth the watch. Would have been more so if I wasn’t in the mood for an all out comedy at the time. I think that is the only reason I didn’t enjoy it a much as I would have otherwise. That and when you are a lying bastard and a movie is telling you how awesome truthiness is, you have to sit and choke on that pill a bit. 😉 So yeah. Your call lass

  2. Speaking from a woman’s perspective, I must say I prefer dark-haired guys. Gingers come in second, blonds a distant third. Don’t know why. 🙂 Oh, and The Search for the Holy Grail is one of my all-time favorite movies. I still laugh til I cry at certain parts. My kids know it by heart, too. My youngest was 9 when he fell out of a tree and got scraped up pretty good. His response? “It’s only a flesh wound, Mom!”

    • If you love that movie, you should definitely read Ready Player One. It has a great Holy Grail moment!

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